Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Three GameCola staff members provide expert commentary on someone else's video walkthrough for a game they've never played.

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Indiana Jones is on the quest of a lifetime. But for some adventures, one GameCola staff member is not enough.

A race across three continents…

…into the homeland of the enemy….

…in his search for the Holy Grail.



Have the adventure of your life…

…keeping up with the Joneses.

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Since 2009

Nathaniel Hoover is almost certainly GameCola's most verbose staff member, and arguably the most eclectic. As administrator of the GameCola YouTube channel (GCDotNet), occasional contributor to every article category on the site, and staff editor, you're pretty much stuck with him wherever you go. Sorry.


  1. rizziman33: Hey, you’re more than a year and a half old, and we still acknowledge YOUR existence, right? These videos never got their time in the limelight, and it’s my ongoing project to ensure everything on the GC YouTube channel also has a home here on the main site, especially when there are so many people who don’t go poking around to see what videos we have.

  2. Then explain the 7,000 views on the first episode. Plus, if those people don’t go poking around for the videos, that’s their problem.

  3. rizziman33: The first video’s been around for a while, features three times the usual number of staff members who would draw attention to the video, and I have no doubt a lot of those views are from random people searching for videos about an incredibly popular movie, and not our regular readers. If we don’t advertise to our readers that there’s anything worth poking around for, then it’s OUR problem.

    We can be plenty popular on YouTube, but the idea is that GCDotNet is an extension of the main website–instead of writing a post, we recorded a video; if it gets 7000 views on YouTube, that’s spectacular, but we’re also doing it for our regular readers. If we don’t write about it, and any of our readers aren’t part of the culture that searches for YouTube videos all day to kill time (I know I don’t watch videos unless I’m doing research or somebody points one out to me), then we’re effectively cutting off a portion of our audience from material we created for them. Even if it’s a bit late (and yes, it’s a bit late), it seems worthwhile to occasionally spotlight material that never got the spotlight in the first place.

  4. Okay, I was getting serious Deja Vu when watching the first episode, then I saw that room and I was like “I HAVE DEFINITELY SEEN THIS BEFORE WHAT IS GOING ON!?!”. Then I looked at the comments and saw that these videos were on youtube first.

    Glad to know I’m not crazy. 😛

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