TurnaboutCola, Chapter 7: Technicalities

The GameColers and the Phoenix Wright crew hunt down Madeline's kidnapper...

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This feature was submitted by GameCola superfan Diana Gray (aka Diana141). Check out the previous chapters here if you missed them!

First of all, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted.  Madeline won second place in the OC Competition on Court Records.  It really means a lot to me.

Second, if you all are interested in seeing more from me, you should look at the poll on my Fanfiction profile and vote on what I do next.  Okay, here’s the chapter.

Michael and Diana were sitting uncomfortably in the Prosecutor’s Lobby.  They were both getting a sense of déjà vu, but now they were nervous for a totally different reason.  Edgeworth and Phoenix had been called to the judge’s chambers.  “Why didn’t they want to talk to us?” Diana whispered nervously.  Michael shrugged.

The door opened and both of them jumped to their feet, but it was only the rest of the staff, who immediately began bombarding them with questions.  Unfortunately, Michael and Diana couldn’t answer any of those questions, so everyone eventually stopped talking and just kind of stood there in silence.  “So, what now?” Paul asked abruptly.

“Well, we have a decision to make,” Diana said, wringing her hands nervously.  “How much are we going to tell them?”

“I don’t see why we have to tell them anything at all,” Matt replied.

“Let’s be realistic here,” Diana said, raising an eyebrow.  “They’re not idiots.  They’re going to figure out that something’s up.  It’s only a matter of time-”

She was interrupted as the door opened and Jeddy entered the lobby.  There was shocked silence for a second, then the entire staff converged around him.  Their questions changed to ‘How are you?’ and ‘What’s prison food like?’  Before he could answer, Edgeworth stormed in, followed discreetly by Phoenix and Maya.  Diana snuck over to them.

“Is he…?” she asked, pointing at Jeddy.

“He’s been let out temporarily, given the… circumstances,” Phoenix replied.  Diana nodded, frowning slightly.

“Miss Gray,” Edgeworth said, then cast a glance around the room.  “And friends.  According to this, you’re hiding something.”  He held up the note, raising an eyebrow.  “Care to explain?”  As the staff huddled, trying to figure out what to say, Diana squeezed behind Edgeworth, gently removing the note from his hand and sliding back out of sight.  She pulled a pen and began to write.  “Well?” Edgeworth said impatiently.  The GameColers turned around uneasily and all began to speak at once.

“Well…” Paul started.

“We…” Michael said slowly.

“It’s kind of…” Jeddy muttered.

“Long story…” Nathaniel said uncertainly.

“You see…” Matt murmured.

“We need to…” Meteo began.

“You know…” Christian said sheepishly.

Everyone stopped talking and looked around awkwardly.  “Hey guys, what’s that?” Diana said abruptly, pointing to a piece of white paper that was sticking out from underneath the door.  As Edgeworth, Phoenix, Maya, and the staff turned to look, Michael noticed her slip a piece of paper into her pocket.  He pushed past everyone crowding around the door, seemingly afraid to pick the note up.  He grabbed it and unfolded it, quickly reading the words on it.  He gave Diana a confused look.

“The location of Madeline Brent,” he read aloud.  There was a muffled curse from Diana as she pulled the paper out of her pocket and re-read what she had written.

As the GameCola staff stumbled awkwardly over what to tell the canon characters, a note was carefully pushed underneath the door.  It had the location of Madeline Brent written in a scrawled hand.

Diana sighed.  Apparently there were technicalities.  She quickly wrote a few more words, aware of Edgeworth’s eyes on her. She nodded to Michael.  He looked down to see that more writing had appeared on the note he was holding.

“Is… Gatewater Land?” he read, giving Diana another strange look.  She glared back at him, mouthing ‘Just go with it.’

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Maya said determinedly.  “Let’s go find her!”  She ran out of the lobby, followed by Phoenix.  Edgeworth glared once more at the staff.

“This isn’t over.  Madeline’s safety is my priority, but I will discover what you’re hiding, all of you.”  He gestured for them to leave the room before him.  They all filed out, all not noticing the white scrap that had slipped from the author’s grasp.  Edgeworth picked it up and he scanned the words on the back.  He frowned in confusion and slipped the note into his pocket.  Something definitely was not right.

“Gatewater Land?  Really?” Michael hissed to Diana.  They were walking over the bridge toward the main gate.  She frowned at him.

“First place I thought of,” she replied, biting her lip.  “On another topic, have you noticed that he’s staring at me even more now?”  He discreetly looked over to Edgeworth, who, sure enough, was staring at them.

“Weird.”  The group arrived at the gate.  The sleepy attendant looked at the large group with something that looked like dismay.

“So, that’ll be ten adults and one child,” he said.  Everyone looked around to see who the child was, finally coming to rest on Diana.

“Guys, I’m not that young,” she said indignantly.

“We don’t have time for this,” Edgeworth muttered impatiently, pushing past the gate.  Everyone exchanged worried glances, then quickly followed him.  “I called Detective Gumshoe on the way over here,” Edgeworth called back to no one in particular.  “The police should be here, but we need to find her, now.”  The staff looked toward Diana.  She stuck a hand in her pocket, but came up empty.

“I can’t,” she whispered.  “The paper’s gone.”

“Where is it?” Paul asked.

“I don’t know,” Diana replied worriedly.

“Where are we going, Edgeworth?” Phoenix asked, jogging at the back of the pack.

“I’m personally going to scour every inch of this park until we find her,” Edgeworth growled.  “And all of you are going to help.”  His voice held steely determination that made everyone quail a little bit.

“Mr. Edgeworth, sir!” came a voice, followed by heavy panting.  “Wait up!”  Everyone turned around to see an out-of-breath Gumshoe running towards them.  He was holding a familiar orange-jacketed figure by the scruff of the neck.

“Larry,” everyone groaned in unison as the detective reached them.

“Found him wandering around the premises, sir,” Gumshoe reported, saluting.

“Come on, Edgey, Nick, you guys know I work here!” Larry whined, twisting in the detective’s grip.

“You do?” Maya asked.

“Yeah, I’m one of the Badger family!  I switch every day.  Then I heard from the security guards that my baby Madi is here inside the park, and she’s in trouble!”

“Larry, now is not the time,” Phoenix protested weakly.

“No, Nick, this is important!” Larry cried desperately.  “When I was getting changed, I heard someone in the underground tunnel between the two rooms.  But no one’s supposed to be down there, so I tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t open!”

Edgeworth was already running toward the Wild, Wild West.  Everyone hurried after him, still a little uncertain.

Edgeworth threw open the door of the Isolation Room and knelt down, fingers frantically running over the floor until he found the handle and yanked.  The trapdoor opened just as the rest of the staff, Phoenix, Maya, Gumshoe, and Larry crammed into the room after him.  He found the ladder and hurried down, followed closely by Gumshoe, Diana, and the GC crew.  Larry, Maya, and Phoenix took one look at the dark, cramped-looking space and decided to stay up top.

A light flickered on in the corner of the small room, illuminating the silhouettes of two people.  One was tied to a chair, her gray eyes glowing in the dim glow.  “Madeline,” Edgeworth breathed.  The other person held the light up higher, throwing their face into even deeper shadow.  “Who are you?” Edgeworth yelled.

“You made it all the way here, did you, test subjects?”  The voice was not what they expected at all, and as the person slowly lowered the light, revealing their face, everyone’s jaw dropped.

“You?!” Diana cried.

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  1. Fun fact: the “being mistaken as a child” thing actually happened to me on vacation. I was pretty mad about it.
    Also, any final guesses before I give RK away next chapter? I already know Paul’s guess, the Canadian judge. I’m interested in hearing what you guys think.

  2. Aggh, the suspense is killing! Maybe R.K. is some villain from a case that changed his name? Or maybe a character who’s related to a villain? Richard Karma? Reginald Kangaroo?

    1. Haha, creative. I’ll give you guys one hint. It is a canon character. Any more would give it away.

  3. Is it just me, or does this chapter seem short. Huh.

    Too bad I don’t have any idea who the villain could be since I haven’t played Pheonix Wright yet. Should get on that…

    Is it the guy who looks like he has laser vision?

    1. Yes, this one was shorter compared to my other ones, but I like my cliffhangers. Next one will be longer, promise 🙂
      Not sure who you’re refering to, but I’m pretty sure my RK does NOT have laser vision 😉

      1. Think you mean Godot. He does look like he could shoot lasers at everyone and laugh like it’s no big deal.

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