Another GameCola Staff Member Falls to the Lure of Eternal Wedded Happiness

Spend too much time reading this and you may also end up engaged, or on fire.

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I am pleased and bewildered to announce that I am officially engaged!

No, this article does not belong under “Fiction.” Stop it.

Evidently, prolonged exposure to GameCola leads to spontaneous engagement, marriage, and combustion, as we’ve seen from Paul and Lizo, Mike and Vangie, Edgeworth and Von Karma, Michael Gray and the princess, and Christian Porter and His Probably Not Imaginary Wife (we still can’t believe he’s married, and I don’t even know if he was hitched before joining the staff, but he’s as likely as anyone to catch on fire). Oh, and let’s not rule out Zach Rich, because his sudden disappearance from the GameCola staff was never conclusively linked to the MOOOOOOOOOON PEOPLE.

I’ve already described my appropriately geeky fourpart proposal story in nauseatingly sweet detail on my blog, so I’m’a direct you there for specifics. The short version is that my relentless enthusiasm for Mega Man helped to secure me a member of the fairer sex as a future permanent fixture in my home, so don’t ever listen when your fellow staff members beg you to talk about other games, or you’ll never get engaged to my girlfriend by presenting her with a ring-bearing statue of Ring Man from Mega Man 4 made entirely out of LEGOs.

Ring Man Completed

That’s pretty awesome. I wish I were as cool as me.

[The story continues in “A Very GameCola Wedding 3: Wed Hard with a Vengeance”.]

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  1. I got married in my 2008 Gamecola hiatus. One of the reasons I took it. I get “I’m surprised you’re married” a lot. I’ve always figured it was a nice way of saying “Good lord, I can’t believe a woman would want to engage in marital congress with you.” which I completely concur with.

  2. thatd be funny,make sure if your wife lights you on fire make a video,and its in the wrong category,it should be under nathaniels ramblings about things everyone knows because of his blog,dontt have thatDONUT!!!!!!um category than under fiction

  3. I suppose we’re all liable to succumb to the throes of marriage at some point; I imagine 90 percent of all people who live past 18 get married. So congratulations, and here’s hoping it doesn’t affect your sense of humor on GC.

  4. Oh, not to worry, John. She’s a geek and encourages things like GameCola. Thanks for the congratulations!

    (Wait…none of my comment was funny at all. Maybe she IS affecting my sense of humor!!)

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