‘Tis the Season for Free Xbox Crap

And for miracles, I suppose.

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“Microsoft is giving away free things” may be a phrase that sounds as out of place as “Pol Pot is giving generous donations to Toys for Tots,” but ’tis the season for miracles, I suppose.

Starting Tuesday, December 18th, Kinect owners (or non-Kinect owners, if you want to download it just in case you get one in the future) can grab Kinect Party, the sequel to Double Fine Happy Action Theater, a game that I thought was excellent because it didn’t overreach the Kinect’s great many limitations (in that it worked), acting more like a neat toy than a story-driven game of any kind, and also because it taught my two year old how much fun it is to splash around in red-hot, flesh-melting magma.

The other one you can pick up right on Christmas Day, and you may have heard about it. It only won the VGAs’ GAME OF THE YEAR!

The VGAs? The Video Game Awards. That show we make fun of on Spike TV every year? Yeah, OK fine, getting a VGA award is about as prestigious as getting a “60¢ off a Whopper” coupon for Burger King, but it’s something.


Anyway, it’s Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Episode 1. You can pick that one up right on Christmas Day. The other episodes for The Walking Dead are also rumored to be going on sale sometime around the 28th as part of the Xbox Countdown to 2013 sale, so that may be something to keep your eyes open for as well.

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  1. glad to see a company that i like won game of the year. and christian, as i had to go to sleep after 9:45, would you be so good as to tell me what happened after i left the stream. i assume its just more nonsense, but i can never be sure.

    also, in case you’re wondering, it’s me, alan050.

    you know, that guy Matt started yelling at in the chat and whose comments Paul favorited

  2. It was probably the best VGAs ever, to give it an infinitesimally small compliment, in that they gave out about 3 awards during the actual show rather than just unceremoniously foisting all the awards upon their recipients during the pre-show and announcing it to the viewers as a footnote to the zany antics and game previews. Still, it wasn’t good enough that we really paid any serious attention to it.

    1. well at least there were some actual awards involved. and as for why i was so active in the comments that night, 1. i had never been on a live stream before, and 2. whenever one of you guys pointed something out or they did something stupid on the show i had to riff on it. such is the life of an mst3k fan.

      also, did jeddy ever get his audio fixed?

      1. My audio was never broken to need to be fixed. I was just broadcasting to Mixlr straight from the audio coming out of Skype… Skype doesn’t play your voice back to you when you speak. So, Paul, Matt, and Christian could hear me on Skype, just not the people listening to the broadcast over Mixlr.

        On that topic, though, the livecast will be released as the next podcast… Complete with my voice! Callgraph was able to capture my voice and save it for future generations, so you’ll get to hear what I was actually saying instead of random Space Jam mashups. The Space Jam mashups that you heard, however, are sadly lost forever.

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