GC Podcast #64: Get GC or Get Out

Podcast #1000000! What? You don't count using binary?

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We’ve hit the big 100, here at the GameCola Podcast! So, to celebrate…what’s that? You don’t use octal? Well, to celebrate our 40th podcast…really? No hexadecimal, either? Fine. In celebration of our 64th podcast, we’re honoring the Nintendo 64! For about ten minutes, then talking about the Nintendo 64, then realizing that none of us have a system that modern and changing the subject.


Alex Jedraszczak, Michael Gray, and Anna Bryniarski got together to talk about the Nintendo 64, among other things. Mostly other things. Diana Gray also makes an appearance. Some of the other things they discuss include:

  • Michael Gray’s mad rap skillZ
  • Is picture-in-picture still cool?
  • Do people still even watch TV?
  • THIS is the RUMBLE PAK.
  • Abusing poor programming in Donkey Kong 64
  • Do any two GameCola staff members own the same console?
  • Solitaire fanfiction
  • Are games too long? At what point do you just stop caring about a game?
  • Michael vs Michael: Michael Complains about Wind Waker
  • It’s pronounced “Pompadour
  • The GameCola staff gets distracted by the invention of sliced bread
  • Phoenix and Edgeworth are in a passionate relationship…with JUSTICE
  • Voice acting will ruin the fun of arguing over how names are pronounced

Somehow, we managed to fill over an hour with these topics. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself!

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Alex "Jeddy" Jedraszczak is presiding Editor-in-Chief at GameCola, not only editing content but often writing it as well. On top of all this GameCola work, he also develops indie games.


  1. Since you guys were talking about how Anna and Diana both have anna/ana in their names, I’d like to point put the my first name is actually “Aubriana” 😛

    Also, while I do kinda like the PxE pairing, I don’t think it’s meant to be implied in canon; remember, this game was made in Japan. It’s more acceptable in Japan for men to have much closer relationships. This isn’t really something we can judge by Western standards.

    1. I think I’m obligated to be civil to all fans. It’s in that contract I didn’t read somewhere. But hey, I definitely respect you for stating your viewpoint reasonably and rationally, rather than those people who just go “Phoenix/Edgeworth = best ship!!” Those people irritate me, and that’s probably why I’ve built so much resentment toward that ship. And yes, it is most definitely NOT IMPLIED IN CANON.
      Anyways, now that that’s done, welcome to the club, Aubriana.

      1. Just to clarify, I’m not a HUGE fan of Phoenix/Edgeworth. It’s far from my favorite ship. I’m more of a fan of forever alone!Edgeworth. Although….Larry/Edgeworth DOES sound hilarious.

        Also, I just realized how many dumb mistakes were in that first post. Damn you, autocorrect! I meant “out that” not “put the”! DX

  2. Dude, Jeddy, you’re missing the point of EarthBound. It’s not some generic RPG that puts arbitrary obstacles in your way to superficially extend the length of the game. The point of the game is to search the world for the Sanctuary locations, locate the people who will help you take down Giygas, free the world from Giygas’ influence one place at a time, make friends across the planet who care about your safety, and THEN face off against the Big Bad. A direct, unimpeded line from Onett to the final boss would have the player missing out on the joy of these quirky locations and situations that help to differentiate EarthBound from any other RPG.

    Complaining about the ghosts in the tunnel or the traffic jam in the desert is like complaining that an adventure game has puzzles you can’t solve the moment you encounter them. EarthBound is comprised of a series of smaller quests that all come together to form a proper adventure full of twists, turns, character development, story progression, and clever problem solving. Take away the occasional roadblock by the Onett police department and you might as well be playing the original Ultima.

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