GC Podcast #86: Under New Management

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Under-New-ManagementGreetings everyone, and welcome to a momentous edition of “The GameCola Podcast”! Join our brand-new podcast commander, Joseph Martin, as he drags Alex Jedraszczak, Michael Gray, and Jeff(ro) Nemeth through such topics as:

  • Eat 3 is the hottest gaming/food pyramid convention in town.
  • Hopefully The Legend of Zelda: 3 Swords Adventures will be accessible to Nintendo’s large friendless demographic.
  • How do numbers even work, anyway?
  • What is Nintendo’s next console going to be called?
  • The Mega Man Legaversary Collection is as dumb as the names for Mega Man enemies are.
  • There is no Crystalis fanfiction. We checked.
  • Online console shops are ruining GameStop’s plans to buy and sell old games.
  • Michael and Jeddy are secretly the same person.
  • Are videogames/movies the future of movies/videogames?
  • What will videogames look like two console generations into the future?

And many more! So laugh, cry, and try not to die as you click the play button below! If you enjoy, consider following us on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube. Also rate us highly on iTunes! If you don’t enjoy, don’t worry: We’re not on iTunes.

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Joseph Martin is the Podcast Commander of the monthly GameCola Podcast, and appears in many of the other podcasts of the site. He's also known to write a review or two, or news pieces about the latest Mega Man knock-off.


  1. There’s a huge collector market for the physical copies of old games. I know someone who actively participates in it, and when we hung out at a convention one of the things we did was search the counters for cartridges. He mentioned there are some games that, while not good, are worth a lot of money. Maybe Gamestop is thinking of taking advantage of this?

  2. Joe, Joe, Joe. I think you’re missing the bigger picture with the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

    For the last several years, Capcom has been extremely skittish about making any new Mega Man games, and they’ve clearly had no concept of what their fans like, want, or will buy. All of a sudden, we’re getting rare and obscure Mega Man games on Virtual Console, PSN, etc., such as the later X games and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. We’re seeing expensive official replica Mega Man helmets for sale. Capcom’s official blog is writing about Mega Man again. The franchise is finally making a comeback.

    Yes, the Legacy Collection is a re-release of games most of us already have, and it’s less comprehensive than the Anniversary Collection. But think of it this way:

    It’s available on Steam, which invites a new crop of gamers who don’t own consoles or don’t buy games unless they go on super-sale every other week to try out the series.

    It’s got HD graphics that retain the original style, a compromise that caters to both nostalgia geeks and a younger generation that won’t play anything without “HD” in the title.

    It’s got a built-in replay and leaderboard feature, which makes a strictly single-player game appeal to social and competitive players as well.

    It contains only the games that everyone can agree are responsible for making the franchise popular, before MM7 and MM8 started dividing fan opinion (and anyone who can’t acknowledge at least one decent game in the MM4-6 block isn’t really a fan and doesn’t count).

    It’s got a a challenge mode (think Powered Up or MM10) that, if handled properly, could play out like the best parts of The Wily Wars and the Mega Man Game Boy games, smashing together elements of all the NES games.

    I, for one, am excited about the Legacy Collection. Not necessarily for the collection itself (though the challenge mode could be sweet), but because it’s a sign that Capcom is trying, in their own cautious way, to reconnect with their old fans and make a bunch of new fans. If the collection is successful, I have no doubt we’re going to start seeing games we’ll ALL get excited about.

    I’m paying full price the day it comes out, because for once, I think Capcom will be paying attention when I give them my money.

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