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    Michael Gray’s Top Ten Games of 2008

    You know, that's a deliberately deceptive title. It makes it seem like I played more than ten games that came out in 2008. In any case, let the countdown begin! 1. Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice (

  • Best- and Worst-Reviewed Games of 2008

    This is something I was hoping to include in the 2008 awards article, but that article already had too many words. So here it is, instead. It's a blog exclusive!Best Reviewed Game of 2008Super Smash

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    My First MAGFest

    Last week I experienced my first MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival), and as the only representative of GameCola in attendance, I thought I'd give a rundown of my time there. Unfortunately I was sick

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    Designing Square Enix Characters

    Received an e-mail from my brother showing how to draw Square Enix characters. It is incredibly accurate.

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    A Letter about Zelda

    Dear GameCola, I've been revisiting Zelda: Majora's Mask lately. That was a good game. It had lots of sidequests and minigames. Twilight Princess was lame. I mean, it was SO GOOD, but it was lame. All

  • Our New Xbox Experience

    A few days ago, Microsoft released the "New Xbox Experience." This pretentiously-named new GUI for the 360 features a new layout, user-created games, connectivity with Netflix, and Miis. No, I'm sorry

  • My Awesome Free T-Shirt

    I don't even own ANY version of Guitar Hero, but when I saw that I could get this with just six proofs of purchase from various Kellogg's cereal--including ones I actually eat, like Frosted Flakes and

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    Games at Target

    My sister forced me to go to Target the other day, so I thought I'd check out their games section.  It turns out they have THREE distinct gaming sections!  Who knew? Popular Games.  This is the sec

  • Top Ten Reasons to Visit Japan in February 2009

    That person is Ranju Tomu, and she--SHE!--will be starring in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – The Truth Comes Back to Life: A Phoenix Wright musical.

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    GameCola Blog: Totally Interactive

    I went on vacation this month and during the LOOOOONG plane trips, I wrote two different videogame blurbs.  So I thought it'd be cool if I let you, the GameCola Blog readers, decide which one they w