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    Forums, RSS and Rating Problems

    As I'm sure everyone who has looked at the latest issue is aware, there are some big upgrades going on for some of the interactive GameCola features—in this case, comments and ratings. However, there have been some teething difficulties with these upgrades that have effected the following services in some way:

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    Pwn N00bs, Earn Cash

    Did I get my lingo right in the subject line? I'm not really "hep" to the smack people talk these days. I saw someone use the word "plox" in a videogame the other day, and I have absolutely no idea wh

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    Review of NHL 2K8

    Blog fans with good memories will remember back in November when I asked if you wanted me to write a review for NHL 2008 or Final Fantasy VI (bet you all wish you had picked NHL 2008 now, right?). We

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    Michael Gray’s Top Ten Games of 2008

    You know, that's a deliberately deceptive title. It makes it seem like I played more than ten games that came out in 2008. In any case, let the countdown begin! 1. Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice (

  • Best- and Worst-Reviewed Games of 2008

    This is something I was hoping to include in the 2008 awards article, but that article already had too many words. So here it is, instead. It's a blog exclusive!Best Reviewed Game of 2008Super Smash

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    My First MAGFest

    Last week I experienced my first MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival), and as the only representative of GameCola in attendance, I thought I'd give a rundown of my time there. Unfortunately I was sick

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    Designing Square Enix Characters

    Received an e-mail from my brother showing how to draw Square Enix characters. It is incredibly accurate.

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    A Letter about Zelda

    Dear GameCola, I've been revisiting Zelda: Majora's Mask lately. That was a good game. It had lots of sidequests and minigames. Twilight Princess was lame. I mean, it was SO GOOD, but it was lame. All

  • Our New Xbox Experience

    A few days ago, Microsoft released the "New Xbox Experience." This pretentiously-named new GUI for the 360 features a new layout, user-created games, connectivity with Netflix, and Miis. No, I'm sorry

  • My Awesome Free T-Shirt

    I don't even own ANY version of Guitar Hero, but when I saw that I could get this with just six proofs of purchase from various Kellogg's cereal--including ones I actually eat, like Frosted Flakes and