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    Never Write Reviews Again!

    Personally, I find writing articles every month to be tedious. Fortunately, I found the Random Paragraph Generator. All you have to do insert subjects, and the paragraphs are written for you. That r

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    Half-Blood Prince Soundtrack Released

    They've released the soundtrack to the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game. I'm not sure if anyone else is a big Potter fan like I am, but here's the track listings anyway.Retur

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    Breakfast and Reality TV

    First, a video about Breakfast: The Game. Next, a reality TV show about gamers.

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    Strange news today, folks. As you may know, my Nancy Drew videos have gotten me a lot of attention from girls. Unfortunately, one of these girls has decided to YouTube-stalk me. She set up an accoun

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    Unofficial Podcast Poll

    The next edition of The GameCola Podcast is upcoming, and it's an hour of the two Michaels bickering pure awesome. But while you're waiting for it, why don't you help out the podcasters by letting the

  • XBL Community Games: Doodles, Love, and Falling

    Community Games on Xbox Live are the best, and I say that mostly because: 1) They cost like a dollar or two each, and 2) The indie developers who make them sometimes do interesting things. 2 is not al

  • Now available on Xbox Live Community Games

    You know I'm not making that one up, because I have the game's trailer to prove it. From the game's official description: "Chug your beer as fast as you can!

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    Forums, RSS and Rating Problems

    As I'm sure everyone who has looked at the latest issue is aware, there are some big upgrades going on for some of the interactive GameCola features—in this case, comments and ratings. However, there have been some teething difficulties with these upgrades that have effected the following services in some way:

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    Pwn N00bs, Earn Cash

    Did I get my lingo right in the subject line? I'm not really "hep" to the smack people talk these days. I saw someone use the word "plox" in a videogame the other day, and I have absolutely no idea wh

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    Review of NHL 2K8

    Blog fans with good memories will remember back in November when I asked if you wanted me to write a review for NHL 2008 or Final Fantasy VI (bet you all wish you had picked NHL 2008 now, right?). We