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    Spotlight on: Procrastination

    In addition to my review this month, I thought I would shed some light on our close, personal friend: PROCRASTINATION.  So sit back, put off getting popcorn until tomorrow, and enjoy! Ever wonder how

  • The Mystery of Monkey Island

    All right, so there wasn't really much to the plot. Something bad happens to your girlfriend/fiancé/governor upon whom you have this huge crush, and you have to defeat some pirate/skeleton/zombies in order to save her. Nothing we haven't seen before in countless other outlets of entertainment. So what makes the computer series known as "Monkey Island" so special? Why are the games so enthralling? And, perhaps most important of all, why was the last installment so danged terrible?

  • Forgetting to Sharpen Their Cutlasses

    First and most importantly, let's all take a moment to reflect on how hilarious that title is. Get it?? "Point" because they're not sharp and don't.. have points... alright. If you didn't laugh you must not be the type of person who would stop and take the time to learn to appreciate the subtle art of extreme hilarity, so whatever man, whatever, I don't care, it was funny. Anyway, in this amazing feature article I am going to be discussing several games, and giving reasons as to why they are or aren't piratey.

  • Hit of the Art Show

    The Shawnee Art Show displayed the best of what my school's creative talent has to offer.  There were paintings, sculptures, photographs, children's books, masks, dishes -- several of which (among th

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    Nintendo 64: Change the System

    Remember a really, really long time ago?  About 1996, I believe, when the Nintendo 64 was on the verge of American release.  Everybody's favorite propaganda-spewing magazine Nintendo Power was makin

  • The Social Ramifications of Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and other Comparably Ancient Venues of Video Entertainment

    First, just a little nugget of background information on this piece.  This was originally submitted to my Honors United States History II teacher Mr. Bacon, as an extra credit report we students had

  • Toad: The Little Mushroom that Could(n’t Star in His Own Game)

    I say Toad deserves his own game. Who's with me?!

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    The Top 5 Games of 1994

    It seems only appropriate, in keeping with our 1994-inspired issue of GameCola (see: NHL Hockey '94) that we write a little about this less-than-stellar year in gaming. In a year which saw not only th

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    Philly Classic 3 Report

    Try to imagine your own personal euphoria. To some, it may be a scenic countryside, with bunnies, deer, butterflies, and all sorts of other delectably cute creatures prancing about. For others, it c