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    Google Ads

    These are the ads showing up in Michael Ridgaway's "Quantum Geek" article right now: Sex Offender Registry: Where do Sex Offenders live in Your Neighborhood? Find out in 60 secs!NeighborhoodScan.com:

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    Damnation Developers Laid Off

    About a minute after Michael Ridgaway posted about how awful Damnation is right here in this blog, and how glad he is he’s not working for them, I saw this news article pop up in my RSS reader, courtesy of Joystiq: It appears that all of the developers at Blue Omega Entertainment, the folks behind … Continue reading "Damnation Developers Laid Off"

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    Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge

    News! My walkthrough for Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge is officially completed. This comes about one month after my video walkthrough for the same game. Yes, it took me a month to type up a walkthrou

  • Writer’s Block

    Sweat poured down Paul's forehead as he stared at his computer screen. His Word document for "The Gates of Life" was still blank.

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    Phoenix Wright Fanfics

    I'm not sure how many people are interested in this, but I finally finished my long Phoenix Wright fanfic called Feelings Turnabout.  What happened is that I was playing the last Phoenix Wright gam

  • Mafia Wars

    Last month I talked about the Sly Cooper series as a way to help out gamers looking for good games they can get on the cheap. This month, I've got another one, but this time, it's absolutely free.

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    Something Michael Gray Demands to See Before Zach Rich Dies in 2020

    When I was younger, my family used to watch old Disney Sing Along Songs VHS tapes.  You know, the ones where they'd show clips from Disney shows/movies and you could "follow the bouncing ball" while

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    Nintendo’s Image

    Something that I cut out of my article on the Game Developers Conference was the part of Mr. Iwata's speech where he promoted the latest Nintendo game called Rhythm and Beat or something like that. 

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    What I Learned from the GameCola Podcast

    We recorded a podcast yesterday (one that I'm kinda scared to listen to because I was apparently R-rated last night), and I learned three things. One, I need to watch The Wizard because it is the mos

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    Bitmob Steals from GameCola

    Bitmob is Dan "former Editor-in-Chief of EGM" Hsu's new Web site. Bitmob is also a huge thief. Their columnist, Seanbaby, recently started an advice column for gamers.Where have I heard of that idea