• Real Virtuality: Start

    Alex Jedraszczak’s webcomic set in a world where videogames are real and you can major in Halo.

  • Bubble Bobble (NES)

    My father was quite an avid gamer, back in the day, with a particular skill for puzzle games. His high scores were eternally etched into the cartridges in our house, far beyond the reach of my juvenil

  • Blaster Master (NES)

    The classic tale of a boy and his frog.

  • Crystalis (NES)

    Few games dare to predict the apocalypse less than a decade away from the date of release.

  • Versus Mode: Virtual Pets, Copyright Protection, Next-Gen Consoles, and More

    GameCola writers Alex Jedraszczak and Michael Ridgaway discuss virtual pets, Spore's copyright protection, the next generation of consoles, and more.

  • Dragon Warrior (NES)

    An event nearly two decades past. A fateful encounter that would forever change a young man's destiny. A videogame that changed the very state of the videogame business. A pretentious introduction to

  • Lagoon (SNES)

    The atomic bomb. Man's greatest achievement. Like, ever, man. I mean, what else can blow up as much stuff as the atomic bomb? And, certainly, one can see that man's sole purpose in this universe is to

  • Soul Blazer (SNES)

    I am here to tell the story of a game that is often forgotten in the wake of the popularity of its successors, despite my personal preference for it. No, no, I'm not talking about Lufia. This isn't about Final Fantasy IV, either.

  • Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB)

    The atomic bomb had been dropped. The Axis of Evil had been defeated. The war-weary soldiers of the world were finally able to go home and have the rest they so rightly deserved. With the soldiers bac

  • Amagon (NES)

    There it was. Shining, brilliant, in a beam of light before me, hovering silently above the sacred altar—I had finally found it. Amagon. When Grand Wizard Franzen had explained my mission, spoken in