• Top of the Heap: Health Education Games

    A game's Informativity score does not factor into its overall score; Informativity is merely an indicator of whether the game is actually helpful from a health-education standpoint.

  • Quarth (GB)

    Sadistic game shows, tentacle rape cartoons, used panty vending machines—you just can't help but wonder why some of the awesome things that catch on in Japan don't really catch on here in the States

  • Top of the Heap: Religious Games (Part Two)

    This month’s adjective: It’s still Bibletasticness. The Bibletasticness score does not factor in to the overall score, but it will let you know how closely these games follow Biblical scripture and how far down your throat it will be shoved.

  • Ouverture Facile (PC)

    It isn't often that somebody sits down to play a browser-based Web game unless they're trying very hard to avoid doing something productive with their time.  Unfortunately, it seems that most popular

  • Versus Mode: Columbine, Cutscenes, Couples’ Gaming, and More

    GC writers Christian Porter and Danielle Symonds-Yemm discuss Super Columbine Massacre RPG, flashy cutscenes, gaming with your SO, and more.

  • Top of the Heap: Religious Games (Part One)

    Since the beginning of time, or of videogames, at least, no games have sucked with the kind of consistence that religious games have. I’m kicking this column off with a big genre, so we’ll do this in two parts and look at half of the games this time and the other half next month.

  • Bass Pro Shop’s Trophy Bass 2007 (MXB)

    Fact: 95% of fishing-based videogames are terrible.  Therefore, if you are still a fan of the genre after years of horrid fishing games on all generations of game systems, then you're probably not th