• Scribblenauts (DS)

    You can't swing a dead cat recently without hitting a game that purports to have "emergent gameplay" or "endless possibilities limited only by your imagination".

  • Top of the Heap: Girl Games

    Some girls like Halo and Final Fantasy, but others want to play girlier games. Some want to live out their horse riding fantasies. Some want to plan weddings. Some want to break out the make up and make farm animals look like Eastern Bloc prostitutes. Some girls a pretty damn weird.

  • Versus Mode: Stereoscopic 3D, Fat Avatars, and More

    GameCola's newest writers discuss current events in gaming. Topics include whether stereoscopic 3D is the future of videogames, avatar obesity, and more.

  • Versus Mode: Review Ratings, Sonic, the GameCube, and More

    Former GC writer Christian Porter and current GC writer Eric Regan discuss review ratings, the fall of Sonic, online gaming, and more.

  • Versus Mode: Adults Only DLC, Shigeru Miyamoto, Parents, and More

    Christian Porter and Rick L debate the Wii, Adults Only DLC, Shigeru Miyamoto, punishing parents, and Rock Band in this edition of Versus Mode.

  • Poor Player’s Paradise

    Well, I'm an international celebrity since I won GameCola's 2007 Readers' Choice Employee of the Year award.  Still, I haven't let it get to my head.  I limit the amount of time I spend swimming

  • The 2007 GameCola Videogame Awards

    Remember that thing we did last year? We did it again this year. The GameCola staff got together for some hardcore extreme voting action, and, once the bits were settled, we had some basic idea of wh

  • Top of the Heap: Top of 2007

    It's our super-special 2007 year-in-review issue, and I've decided I'm going to celebrate in the tried-and-true manner that's worked for sitcoms for decades: Repackaging stuff you've already seen in a "best of" episode. So, let's indulge my slothfulness and take a look back on the games that have been deemed to be at the titular Top of The Heap this year and which ones were the bottom of the barrel.

  • Poor Player’s Paradise

    I'm switching gears this month and temporarily ditching the Heap so that I can combine my two passions—videogames and extreme, mind-numbing cheapness. Since the number of GameCola readers is well

  • CSI: Hard Evidence (X360)

    Fresh off of breathing new life into the Sam Max series with Sam Max: Season One,Telltale Games brings us the newest installment of their CSI game series. With Sam Max, Telltale did what seemed to