• My Life Is Complete

    This is a triumph for Hatsune Miku fans the world over.

  • The Powder Toy (PC)

    One grand selection of explosives and physics-defying anomalies.

  • King’s Quest III Redux: To Heir Is Human (PC)

    Answers the question, "Why don't we spend more time doing household chores in adventure games?"

  • GameCola’s Most Essential/Influential Games of All Time (E-K)

    In which we discover that every influential game in history through this part of the alphabet was an RPG. And Guitar Hero.

  • Return All Robots! (PC)

    Return All Robots! by Space Whale Studios is a new puzzle game available for the PC and XBLA. As an intern at a robotics company, you possess a remote control that can direct all automatons to head in

  • The L/ate List Apocalyptic [NSFW]

    Everyone needs a muse in their life, I’ve come to discover. Really, a "support muse" is more accurate. A support muse is someone who not only inspires you, but supports your personal passion even if they don't really understand what it is that drives this passion so much. Like Olivia Newton John and her sisters in all their neon glory in the movie Xanadu. (If you get that reference you're officially fucking awesome, by the way.)

  • Carbonated News: The 2009 Game Developers Conference

    Welcome to Carbonated News, where we give you all the news in fits of print. The Game Developers Conference was held in San Francisco last month, resulting in TONS of videogame news. Not wanting to be

  • Dear Readers: Penguins!

    Aren't these penguins just the best?

  • … of the Month: Unknown and Underappreciated

    Do you remember that commercial that came on the other day for that amazing new 9$ (That’s right, the dollar sign is after the 9. My mind says nine dollars, not dollars nine, and I’m tired of mindlessly lending my support to bullshit that is, quite frankly, OUT OF ORDER) game that you can only get by downloading it from the PlayStation online store? If you do, you probably also shit your pants every time you see a cop driving down the opposite side of the highway, because you are sure that he noticed the 15 dollars (15$) worth of marijuana you have stashed under the passenger seat, and it’s only a matter of time before he spins around and skids through the grassy (get it?) median to come after you.