Dear Readers: Penguins!

Aren't these penguins just the best?

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penguins(Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the November 2008 issue of GameCola, back when GameCola was published in a monthly online magazine format.)

Dear Readers,

Aren’t these penguins just the best? 1

And now, if, somehow, that just isn’t enough entertainment to tide you over until GameCola’s next issue, here’s a quick sneak peak of just some of what you’ll be reading this month:

  • Pimp My ‘Cola! No, seriously—pimp it. Please? Michael Gray reports on GameCola’s slogan and tries to get you to advertise GC in your blog.

  • In Versus Mode this month, John Swiderski, the President of Mean Hamster Software, teams up with Britney Brimhall, the Chairman and CEO of Himalaya Studios, to give you their perspectives on political obsessions and annoying videogame titles, among other topics.

  • And speaking of perspectives! I’m sorry, this one’s a bit of a stretch—but if you read this month’s Quantum Geek, you’ll get a new perspective on the events of our Captain N-esque story.

  • Remember last month when you voted for me to review an Interactive Vision game? Consider it done.

  • We’ve also got reviews of a soul eater, a BioShock predecessor, a point-and-clicker, and a Blaster Master.

Also: In two months, it is coming.

You know what it is.


Paul Franzen
editor in chief

1. Those penguins are pretty amazing, right? Since I showed them to you, I think that means I don’t have to write anything else this month. Especially since there’s plenty of The Franz to go around in this issue, considering I already wrote The Gates of Life AND a review. That’s more than some GameCola writers have written this entire year. (You can figure out who if you try.)

Oh, come on; don’t be like that. It’s certainly not that I didn’t have any ideas for this monthit’s more that the ideas I did have could easily be expressed in a paragraph or less.

Want proof? Try this on for size: Apparently, the point-and-click adventure genre isn’t as dead as everyone keeps saying. I’ve been going through this year’s videogame releases, trying to put together a ballot for our year-end awards, and I’ve discovered that a whole bunch of them have come out this year, like Jack Keane and Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches, not to mention the Sam & Max games, the Penny Arcade games, the Strong Bad games, and the Nancy Drew games. Heck, you could probably even count Time Hollow, if you wanted. Are we just saying the genre’s dead because LucasArts and Sierra aren’t doing it anymore? Because that’s stupid.

You see? Here’s another: There aren’t very many good original downloadable games on Xbox Live, WiiWare, or PlayStation Network, with glaring exceptions being Braid and PAIN. And possibly Portal: Still Alive, if you want to say that the additional content makes it a new game.

And that one could’ve been just one sentence, too, if I really wanted it to be. Might’ve been harder to read though.

And here’s one more for you: DRM is stupid. That one’s only three words! You think writing’s easy? You try writing a whole article when the entirety of what you have to say is three words long.

OK, anyway! Here’s some of the highlights of this month’s issue! No, wait—I should get out of this footnote before I start with that.

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