• Pop’n Music (Wii)

    I cannot think of much to say about this game. The only reason I chose to review this below-mediocre poorly developed rhythm game is because it should have been withdrawn from shelves a very long time

  • Flash Flood: Epic Mario

    Epic. It's a word that's tossed around more than cabers in Scotland. EPIC WIN. EPIC FLAIL. "Dude, your snow cone is epic." It's hard to tell if the Internet even knows what epic really means anymore.

  • Captain Eric’s Psychic Thumb Feature Presentation

    Welcome to the introduction of another FABULOUS edition of the thumbs they call…PSYCHIC. Now, I know that I often poke fun at the esteemed Editor in Chief of this Web site, Paul Franzen. But the fact is that Paul is perhaps the GREATEST editor to ever edit anything ever. How do I know this, might you ask? Well, it’s simple but reveals a CRUEL and harsh reality about myself. You see, I can only spell the word psychic correctly 13.48% of the time. Now that your mind is BLOWN, on to the GOODNESS.