• Q&AmeCola: NPCs You Wish Were Playable

    In this month's Q&AmeCola, our GameCola staff shares the NPCs they wish had been given the limelight they deserve as playable characters.

  • GameCola’s Most Essential/Influential Games of All Time (E-K)

    In which we discover that every influential game in history through this part of the alphabet was an RPG. And Guitar Hero.

  • Final Fantasy II (SNES)

    Final Fantasy II: a legendary game in the land of RPGs, especially in the Western world. As I was one of the few kids who started playing RPGs before the PlayStation came around, this game is forever

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Justin Walden

    10. GoldenEye 007 (N64): I was trying to think of some N64 games that could be on this list and this was the game in my collection I went back to more than any other. Who doesn't want to be James Bond? The game is challenging, but not impossible. The soundtrack gives it that classic 007 feel and it's a great multiplayer game. This game resurrected the FPS genre and made people think about what a shooter game could be. Just thinking about this game wants me to break out my N64 again! Much like Shining Force was reason to buy a Genesis, this was reason to buy a N64.