• Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    Some of you may be familiar with the Game Developers Conference—that's where developers from all around the world gather to build new friendships, share ideas with one another, swap war stories, and, in general, work together hand-in-hand to realize the full potential of videogames as an art medium. Hah-hah! I'm kidding of course; it's actually just another way for people to promote and sell videogames. It's like E3, only with more pretension; or, it's like PAX, only with a lot more pretension. It's not without its highlights, though, and one of the highlights of this year's conference was a panel on none other than Xbox Live Indie Games. (At least, I assume it was one of the highlights. GameCola, as typical, didn't get an invite, probably because we do things like call it pretentious.)

  • GDC 2010: Day Five

    It's the last day of the Game Developers Conference this year. Not too much news broke, because the big event was the Game Career Seminar, where they open the doors to the public (but mainly students) who are hoping to get jobs in the gaming industry.

  • GDC 2010: Day Four

    t's Day Four of GameCola's continuing coverage of the Game Developers Conference 2010! So far, the conference has been dominated by Microsoft and Sony, and people have been wondering if Nintendo has anything exciting to show.

  • GDC 2010: Day Three

    The Game Developers Conference finally got underway today. The biggest topic for discussion was The PlayStation Move, which is now the official name for Sony's new motion-sensor controller. There wer

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    GDC 2010: Day Two

    Day Two of the Game Developers Conference was nothing but seminars, just like Day One. I'm reeeally tempted to end my article here because writing about seminars I've never attended is pretty boring,

  • GDC 2010: Day One

    It's Day One of the Game Developers Conference. As you probably already know, we were not allowed to attend the conference as members of the press, but we can still report on what happened, by jingo!

  • Fabricated News: Registering for GDC 2010

    The Game Developers Conference is being held in San Francisco next week. I'm the only GameCola staff member on the West Coast, and I'm the main news guy for some unknown reason, so I decided to regist

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    Nintendo’s Image

    Something that I cut out of my article on the Game Developers Conference was the part of Mr. Iwata's speech where he promoted the latest Nintendo game called Rhythm and Beat or something like that. 

  • Carbonated News: The 2009 Game Developers Conference

    Welcome to Carbonated News, where we give you all the news in fits of print. The Game Developers Conference was held in San Francisco last month, resulting in TONS of videogame news. Not wanting to be

  • GameStop to Become Obsolete

    Seeing as I'm the GameCola staff member who lives in the Bay Area, Head Editor Paul Franzen got me a press pass to make reports at the Game Developers Conference this week in San Francisco. Here's my