• First-Person View: Master Chief Always Stands by His Release Date

    Master Chief is known for being able to keep a promise, especially to Cortana—but in regards to the Halo series and their promised released dates, I would prefer for them to come in late than unprepared.

  • Q&AmeCola: Most Money Paid

    What's the most YOU'VE ever spent on a single game?

  • The Twenty Best and Worst Videogames of All Time (April Fools 2010)

    GameCola recently conducted a staff poll to determine what games we think are the best and worst of all time. After adding up all the point totals, we came up with a definitive list, which is sure to

  • Are You Game?: Xbox 360

    The Xbox 360 has been alive and kicking for over two years now since November 2005. Yes, it's really been that long. That’s a lot of titles, and there have been more than a couple of misfires. It happens, but the key to life is knowing when not to step on a landmine, or, in this case, when not to drop your hard-earned cash on a developer’s sorry ass attempt at entertaining you (or a console that has a replacement rate higher than 16+%). So this article is for you. Here are the top ten Xbox 360 games since the console was released. This is your guide to cutting the crap and sticking to the pure essentials before you know full well what a "red ring of death" truly means. This is the measure of your game-itude, as all 10 of these titles should be on your shelf with no exceptions. Unless you have no thumbs—I guess that’s an exception.

  • Poor Player’s Paradise

    Well, I'm an international celebrity since I won GameCola's 2007 Readers' Choice Employee of the Year award.  Still, I haven't let it get to my head.  I limit the amount of time I spend swimming