• Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe (WIN3)

    No one should really go out of their way to play this game unless they are a diehard Hello Kitty fan.

  • Finally: Street Fighter Hello Kitty Toys!

    Destructoid reports that at Comic-Con, Capcom completely lost all sense of shame, and announced that they're collaborating with Sanrio to make Street Fighter-themed Hello Kitty merchandise—i.e., Hel

  • The Ten Reasons: Final Fantasy VI Advance (Part One)

    Welcome to "The Ten Reasons," where I discuss ten reasons why I like or dislike a game. This month, I'm talking about Final Fantasy VI Advance, Part One. I say "Part One" because I've done a video walkthrough for this game, and the game is about a zillion hours long, so I have to divide it upsomehow.

  • Gamer Girlfriend: A Month in Review

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone that October has been an interesting month, complete with some nice ups and a few spectacular downs. For me, some of the more personal ups and downs have included moving to a new apartment, joining a book club, and becoming rather disillusioned about certain aspects of my job.