• E3 Day One: Microsoft/Xbox 360 Day

    E3, the biggest videogame event of the year, is now officially in session.  Just like last year, GameCola has asked their casual gamer to write up a report, instead of asking someone who knows all ab

  • GDC 2010: Day Five

    It's the last day of the Game Developers Conference this year. Not too much news broke, because the big event was the Game Career Seminar, where they open the doors to the public (but mainly students) who are hoping to get jobs in the gaming industry.

  • Carbonated News: E3 2009 Review

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where I get you up-to-date on all the latest gaming news while making a bunch of snarky comments about everything. This month, I'm giving you a recap of all th

  • Versus Mode: EGM’s Resurrection, Trophies, and More

    Max from GameLemon.com and Josiah Pisciotta from Chronic Logic discuss current events in gaming. Topics include EGM's pending resurrection, Trophies and Achievements, and more.

  • E3: Day One

    So I was flipping through the San Jose Mercury News in order to see the comics, when I found an E3 Day One Recap (the Mercury News has shrunk to only three sections), and I thought I could get a pos

  • Carbonated News: E3 2009 Preview

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where I take news stories from other Web sites and burp them back at you. This month, the focus is on the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), which will be h