• Be Careful What You Search For #82

    Let's take a moment to appreciate the searches that have led people to GameCola.net.

  • Sensible World of Soccer (X360-XBLA)

    Yes, that's right. GameCola reviewed a sports game. A SOCCER game.

  • Localization Anxiety: Nintendo World Cup

    Apparently this is a good season for Daniel to talk about the World Cup...Nintendo World Cup that is!

  • Gamera Obscura: X The Ball


  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    I am videogames. I mean, not literally---at least, not as far as you know---but what I mean to say is...is...is...is...gosh darnit---writing is so hard!

  • What the Crap?: Silly Sports Scarcity

    I know there isn't much sports chatter here @ GameCola, but sports games are a great chance for non-athletic types to juke, putt, dunk, slide tackle, punch, headbutt...whatever your taste may be. In the olden days, sports games weren't simulations; they were what started the idea of "arcade" style, meaning you could sit down with a group of people and play a sport in an unrealistic and fun way, but still stay true to the basic nature of the sport's rules. There's not really that many videogames that do this anymore, and I don't understand why. Such games have a wide audience of both sports fans and multiplayer-game fans, and they're so damn fun to play. If you want a realistic sports game, just watch a real-life sport!

  • Gamera Obscura: Go! Go! Beckham: Adventure on Soccer Island

    Have you heard of that fancy sporting event known as "football"?

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    I received a lot of criticism for my last edition of "Minus the Pudding," in which I alternately defined the word chefoo as "a made-up word," "a missed opportunity," and "a really great Xbox Live Indie Game." This upset a lot of people—especially one reader in particular who e-mailed me several helpful suggestions for where he thought I could stick my chefoo—because none of those definitions are actually correct.

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    This is only the second edition of "Minus the Pudding," but already I find myself wondering if, instead of playing these games, I'd be better off playing with actual pudding. Actual pudding may not have the solid AI of the day's top videogames, and it certainly has less replay value (eww), but it is delicious, and it's a lot more entertaining than most of the Xbox Live Indie Games I've been playing over the past several weeks.

  • FIFA Soccer 06 (PS2)

    In the good old U.S. of A., a soccer videogame is about as popular as a quality penguin documentary. For the most part, your everyday American surfs to the next channel, but the true penguin aficionad