• 3-D WorldRunner (NES)

    An early example of Nintendo taking the lead in 3D gaming!

  • 3-D WorldRunner (NES)

    Pehhhh, kids these days and their 3D consoles and TVs. In my day, if I wanted 3D action, I popped in 3-D WorldRunner or Rad Racer, strapped on my 3D glasses, and squeezed that black Tic Tac labeled "S

  • [NSFW] Gamer2Gamer: Final Fantasy

    Howdy, hello, and welcome to "Gamer2Gamer." What we're talking about today is Final Fantasy. Not the remake, not the remake OF the remake, and not the upcoming remake of that....

  • Front Mission 3 (PS1)

    I'd say that Front Mission beats Final Fantasy any day. Why? Robots.

  • Dragon Warrior VII (PS1)

    Dragon Warrior VII is one of the better RPGs that I've played for PlayStation.

  • Threads of Fate (PS1)

    Threads of Fate is a nice, short little action/RPG type of game.

  • Carbonated News (December 2002)

    - Tomb Raider.  Final Fantasy.  Mortal Kombat.  Super Mario Brothers. Resident Evil. Pac-Man.  Which of these things is not like the others?  Which of these things just doesn't belong?  Which of

  • Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1)

    Brave Fencer Musashi is another one of Square's journeys in to the realm of gaming outside of RPGs. For the majority of Squaresoft's life in the gaming industry, it has remained in its little RPG corn