• [NSFW] Beyond Oasis (SG)

    Sega may not have had their own Legend of Zelda, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

  • The Simpsons Arcade Game (PSN)

    We're slaves to nostalgia here at GameCola—you've seen it once, no, a hundred times in fact. People cannot accept progress and instead choose to hide behind the games that they played when they were

  • Urban Brawl: Action DooM 2 (PC)

    Action DooM 2 is an incredibly well-crafted piece of art, but it's also chock full of gameplay.

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (XBLA)

    Great Scott! Three months ago, you'd have asked me "What is Scott Pilgrim?" and I'd have said, "It's a comic book." I didn't know anything about the characters, the story or anything else. Now it is i