• [NSFW] GC Podcast #1: The Janish

    Check out our first-ever podcast!

  • Dear Readers: Sorry About the Lack of Cheesecake

    Traditionally, the December edition of Dear Readers is all about me offering cheesecake photos of myself in exchange for your writing services.

  • Commentary on the New Xbox Live Experience

    One of the trends you’ll notice if you look at the archives here at ye olde GameCola is that, by the end of the year, there’s only about two or three reviews, before Paul’s water breaks and the Janish flies out of his open legs with 17 reviews in one hand and the unreleased DVD of the complete Journeyman series in the other.

  • Dear Readers: The Janish.

    With that out of the way, I'd like to...what the hell. The link doesn't work anymore! WHY doesn't the link work anymore! It was so cool...it...it had me, Travis, Colin, and Terrence as elves, dancing around and singing and telling everyone—in goofy voices—to "enjoy the January issue." And now it's GONE. Why! Why would OfficeMax do this to me! I'm calling for a ban on OfficeMax. It is ON, paper supplies store. I never loved you as much as Staples.

  • Dear Readers: The Janish

    I really want to go to bed right now. It's warm. I almost said that it's warm and inviting, but then I realized how cliched that sounds. So I decided to say that it's just warm. Have I mentioned yet that I'm a little tired? I'd like to go to bed, but I can't—not until this column is finished, at least. For I, absolutely not following my own advice, have waited until the absolute very last minute to crank this puppy (wtf, is that even a phrase) out.

  • Dear Readers: The Janish.

    In a stroke of genius, GameCola, for once, actually listened to its fans. For years now you've been telling us to stop putting everything on one page. It was taking too long to load! It took forever to scroll through everything! Your computers were only able to load a quarter of the pictures before giving up in a fit of coughs and wheezes!

  • Dear Readers: Please Send Me Stuff for the Janish!

    To paraphrase the late, great Yakko Warner: It's that time of the year again. I could just leave it at that, really. Leave it to the reader to do his or her own research— to check out here, or here, to figure out what I'm talking about.