• Mega Man I & II (Game Boy)

    We here at GameCola have gotten very good at writing about Mega Man. We have not, however, gotten very good at playing Mega Man. Or any videogames, for that matter. In fact, we may be the only videoga

  • EarthBound Playthrough

    EarthBound is a plague. I don't mean that in the sense that it's caused worldwide devastation and killed thousands of people (though I haven't fact-checked that); I just mean that it's been plaguing

  • Miles Edgeworth Investigations Videos

    Coming this summer... To the GameCola YouTube channel... It's a video walkthrough for Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth!  Edgeworth has his own videogame, with five brand-new cases to solv

  • Mega Man 3: Finished!

    Last week, the first half of GameCola's video walkthrough for Mega Man 3 was put on YouTube. Guess what? The second half of the walkthrough has recently been finished!Good news: The second half of t

  • Mega Man 3 Videos Up!

    Hey there, GameCola readers. This is just a quick post letting you all know that the first five videos for GameCola's video walkthrough of Mega Man 3 from the Mega Man Anniversary Collection are now

  • Mega Man

    Mega Man follows the adventures of a man who is mega. Well, actually, he's not a man. He's a robot. And the robot bosses he fights are all bigger than him, so he's not very mega. Who came up with the

  • Not-So-Final Fantasy VI Advance: Bonus Dungeons

    Hey, remember last November, when Michael Gray said he was done playing Final Fantasy VI Advance? He said something like, "Over 30 hours and 111 videos is enough for me!" Boy, was that a stupid thing

  • Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

    Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger is the second Nancy Drew game, following Secrets Can Kill. It stars Nancy Drew, on the set of a soap opera in New York. Someone has been trying to kill Rick Arlen, the show's star, and she's been hired to find out who.

  • Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

    Nancy Drew has only solved one murder mystery in her 20+ game series, and that's the murder of Jake Rogers, a student at Paseo Del Mar High who was violently pushed down a flight of stairs. Nancy's fi

  • Super Back to the Future Part II

    It's rare that a videogame based on a movie is anywhere near as enjoyable than the movie in question, but I'm happy to say that the Super Famicom game Super Back to the Future Part II is every bit as