GC Podcast #8: Happy Birthday, GameCola!

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super metroid endThis edition of “The GameCola Podcast” features Michael Gray, Nathaniel Hoover, Zach Rich, Elizabeth Medina-Gray, and Paul Franzen. It is made up of four segments:

Intro: Michael sings “A Whole New World” (0:00 – 1:30)

Segment One: Versus Mode (1:30 – 10:08)

  • It’s April 22, so Happy Birthday GameCola!
  • GameCola no longer does Best of Year issues because nobody read them.
  • The podcasters attempt to kill all their listeners by singing the world’s worst rendition of “Happy Birthday.”
  • Can couples share a gaming system? Apparently, yes.
  • Videogame sales were down, compared to March/April of last year, but that’s probably because no big games have come out.
  • Peggle has been added to World of Warcraft. Now we shall never see Paul again.
  • Props to Christian Porter for his comments about 2D and 3D gaming in question 3 of Versus Mode last month.

Segment Two: Speedrunning (10:50 to 18:16)

  • Visit the Speed Demos Archive.
  • Did Metroid invent speedrunning?
  • Paul and Zach don’t do speedruns.
  • Nathaniel and his friends do speedrunning competitions sometimes.
  • Michael speedruns Nancy Drew games sometimes.
  • Do speedrunners watch someone else’s speedrun when plotting their own run? Yes.
  • We then do things speedrunning-style and go completely out of order by discussing how Michael is playing Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time here, instead of in Segment Four.

Segment Three: Phoenix Wright: Case #2 (18:37 – 33:13)

  • Phoenix and Maya are partners, but not partners in time.
  • Reusing the same puzzle multiple times in a game? Paul and Lizo say “no.”
  • Is it OK to kill an important character at the start of a game?
  • Michael gives the official explanation for the major character’s death: the developers thought three characters in the Fey & Co. Law Offices was one too many.
  • Paul argues that Mia wants Phoenix and Maya to get together, while Michael argues that Mia wants to be with Phoenix.
  • We get into the weird territory of dating someone who’s dead.
  • Who is Mia’s type? Edgeworth? Gumshoe? Godot? Or is it Nathaniel Hoover?
  • How do you interpret Mia’s phone conversation with Maya?

Segment Four: New Game Releases/What We’re Playing Now (33:42 to 54:15)

  • Zach is happy that Virtual On is being released for the Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Zach explains what Stop ‘N’ Swop is, and how it works in Banjo-Tooie.
  • Fallout 3 DLC is coming out, so Paul will be playing Fallout 3 again.
  • Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!…no longer featuring Mike Tyson.
  • Lego Rock Band plays “She’s a Brick House.”
  • We discuss IGN’s list of overrated videogame characters.
  • Excuuuse me, Princess!
  • Nathaniel is playing Final Fantasy VIII and Sam and Max: Season One.
  • Lizo is too busy with schoolwork to play the second .hack game.
  • Zach is playing Wave Race 64, Fallout 3, Super Mario World and Super Metroid.
  • Paul is playing Quest 64 and the second .hack game.
  • Bosses should not be able to heal themselves.
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Michael Gray is a staff writer for GameCola, who focuses on adventure games, videos and writing videogame walkthroughs.

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