• Home Modifications: The Peggle 2 Saw Pipeline

    A delusion I had about Peggle 2 resulted in an infinitely more fun DIY way to play, and now you too can try it out at home! I know you haven't said "thank you", but you're welcome anyway.

  • Hyperballoid HD (PS3-PSN)

    Arkanoid. Namco's spiritual successor to Atari's Breakout and Super Breakout. The goal of the game is to bounce a ball off of a paddle, and by doing so, destroy all the blocks in a single level. There

  • GC Podcast #13: The Unlucky Podcast

    In this edition of "The GameCola Podcast," Michael Gray, Michael Ridgaway, Zach Rich, and Nathaniel Hoover discuss:The new GameColaSave Points : good or bad?People are more excited for re-releases tha

  • GC Podcast #8: Happy Birthday, GameCola!

    This edition of "The GameCola Podcast" features Michael Gray, Nathaniel Hoover, Zach Rich, Elizabeth Medina-Gray, and Paul Franzen.