The Backloggery: Proof you’re an awesome (or lousy) gamer

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backloggery-examplePerhaps you’re the kind of gamer who likes to boast about your videogame accomplishments. Maybe you’re a rabid, longtime videogame collector who sent your children off to college just so you could use their bedrooms for storage space. Quite possibly you have a backlog of videogames that you’ve been meaning to play, except you inevitably wind up spending all your free time editing GameCola articles to make them conform with the official GameCola Style Guide because a certain staff writer whose name rhymes with Hat Jonas thinks he’s above the law when it comes to the proper use of em dashes—you know; these long hyphen thingies—which he uses more than verbs.


Right, videogames. So, whether you’re looking to show off your gaming accomplishments, keep track of your massive videogame collection, or find a little encouragement to play the games you’ve been ignoring, The Backloggery is the place for you.


The Backloggery is a website where you can create organized lists of every videogame you own (or have ever played, for that matter), keep track of the games you’re currently playing, record your total progress through your entire game library, rate the games you’ve played, and publicize any incredible accomplishments you’ve made. How many achievements have you gotten across all the games in The Orange Box? Do you actually own a Phillips CD-i? Did you ever bother to beat E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? I mean, like, win the game, not smash the cartridge with a club.


The Backloggery has some neat bonus features, like a Fortune Cookie option that allows indecisive gamers to have the site randomly select a game from their backlog to play. Obey the cookie. You can customize things like the color scheme and banner of your Backloggery page, allowing you to create the shrine of videogame awesomeness that you’ve always wanted for yourself. Furthermore, you can make friends—well, I dunno about you, personally, but the option is available—and leave comments on people’s pages, which I think is an incredibly innovative idea that’s going to revolutionize the Internet.


G’head; check out and give it a try! I encourage you to check out my Backloggery as well, because getting more friends is the main reason I wrote this post. Erm…I mean, uh, I’m curious to know what kinds of games you pl—nah, I’m just a total sellout and want more friends.

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  1. CD-i! Now there’s a thought; I think I want to do a CD-i playthrough for the YouTube page at some point.

    I actually do own a CD-i—two of ’em, in fact. They’re both broken.

  2. Also: Sorry, can’t use the site! It doesn’t support the IntVis, so any collection I build there would be incomplete.

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