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Hey Faries! whats up with the background, its driving me blind. BLIND I TELLS YOU

Favorite Part of the Last Issue

Oh man, it’s a close close call between “The Grass is Always…” (REALLY funny), the Narrator exploding Fork King (ALSO really funny), and Paul killing his patients by bandaging their wounds a centimeter off the mark (again, funny). All of the above pretty much killed me, and there was definitely some liquid coming out of my eyes in each case.

You rock, GameCola, and I need a romance novel!

– Lizo

First of all, I would like to be introduced as 2005 Reader of the Year in all my letters.

My favorite part of this issue was the highly disturbing letter from Matt Gardner about cannibalism. Surely this will be cited by the courts during all his future trials. It’s good to see a young serial killers developing right before our very eyes.

– Rick Franzen

My favorite part of gamecola this month is when I bothered to check out the new format, instead of last month where after realizing I couldn’t scroll down I promptly gave up. But I like this new format alot; now instead of having to scroll through things I feel like skipping, er… saving for later, I just click past the page.

But really my favorite part was when we learned about Japanese Doughnuts and how they have more creative doughnut mascots then us.

I also like when I learned that I could possibly win a pirate romance novel, that was a good part too.

– Becca Clipper

Mark’s review of Double Dragon II: The Revenge (January 2006)

how do you do the Flying Knee Kick??

Paul: It’s funny you should ask! Mark actually had that in the original version of his review, but I cut it out because I didn’t think anyone would be particularly interested. Oops.

According to his original review: “When coming down from a jump, your player puts one knee down on the ground to soften the land. As soon as this happens, hit jump again, and your player should pull off the Flying Knee Kick.”

Bradley’s review of Street Fighter 2

My Brother Play This Game Around 1992 When I First See This Game on SNES9x As E.Honda Says To Have The Biggest Dick in The World So As To Fuck Chun LI The Bitch She Loves Big Dickks!

Lizo’s review of Lost in Blue

I stopped playing at all the block puzzles in the temple. Block puzzles are the worst, but twelve in a row, and having to worry about the strength, health, and hydration of TWO people is just too much.

Your Top 10 Favorite Videogames (January 2006)

David and Jason crislip suck. period. you dare even THINK about putting Phantasy Star so far down on the list?? Odin would be most displeased……

Low-Rent Adventures in Japan

I’m getting tired of reading this man’s furious rants. Cursing at everything doesn’t make it so that your writing is interesting, or funny. Just try to actually write something for a change, I think you might enjoy it.

Low-Rent Adventures in Japan is easily my favorite GameCola feature. It’s like a lot of the other features, but funny. I badly want some of those bath mats. Then and only then would my wicked bachelor pad be complete.

Oh, and GameCola should have some sort of fundraiser to buy Richo some sex. I think he’s earned it.



– Eric Regan

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