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Favorite Part of the Last Issue

my favorite part was the 10,000 times Paul used the word “gamefans” oh wait, that was my least favorite part

– Eric Regan

Lizo’s review of Lost in Blue (February 2006)

tell how to beat the puzzles

Lizo: Well, short of going back into the game and writing down every single step to every single puzzle, I’ll just say that the puzzle-solving is made easier when you realize that the hole where the water comes out in every room also is able to teleport you back into the grasslands. So whenever my character was starting to die, I just had him jump in there, and then it was only a short trip back home. And I could rest.

I don’t know if that’s helpful at all, but that was a big turning point in my ability to get through the temple.

Also, make sure you’re carrying food that you can eat raw and water, and a certain kind of mushroom gives you energy when you eat it, but it’s different for every game so I can’t tell you which one.

Other than that, push the blocks, and then make the water rise and jump across them. There’s more than one way to do it for each puzzle.

hi! i read your review about Lost in blue in GAMECOLA. Its was very nice but there is something i cant get answered! please help me, my question is: when we get to the end of the game we can play the Girl, but how the game ends? days pass? we reach somewhere? what im really asking is, can’t we keep “surviving” “for ever”? thks

– dat haz

Lizo: I’ll try to answer your question the best I can. I’m pretty sure the game could go on forever if you wanted it to, just by hanging out on the island and not dying. But in order to actually get an ending to the game, you need to escape the island, which you can do in a variety of ways. All of these require you to explore the island–especially the part of the island past the crate puzzles in the temple. Once you escape from the island, that’s the end of the game, and then you can play as the girl.

I hope that helps!

Be Careful What You Search For


Your Top 10 Favorite Videogames

Screw you, Joel. The Karibo’s Shoe is the best powerup in SMB3, and anyone who thinks otherwise shouldn’t be able to put it in a ‘best of’ list. ;-;

Cheat Codes for Life


Zack: Don’t mourn over Santa. Much like Communism, Santa was all about the free distribution of goods. And as we all know, Jesus hates filthy commies. So it wasn’t my fault that Santa drowned. Blame Jesus.





– Michael

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