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why do you hate reviews so much, PAUL

– Eric

I demand more Alanis in your banners and logos and pictures in general. You had it right with your reviews logo in November of 2002, I don’t see why you had to change things. I love Alanis.

– Devoted Darren

Dear Readers,

Are you saying a sheep ate your homework? 😉

– Steve Hamner

Was it a *flying* naked sheep? o.O

– Kevin Leacock

Uuuuh i dont get t

– Father Time

after reading that diatribe i conclude two thingsMrs. Schenke didn’t teach you anything and you were drinking on your birthday.

– bobthebuilder

The Gates of Life (5-7-1)

I thought they were already not on an island.

– Confused Cornelius

Digital Championship Wrestling (5-7-1)

why isnt papa shongo in these things. he was a super classic top notch star for many years. he would be well suited for this indy promotion

– Papa Shongo

Versus Mode

Consoles don’t have to last 2-4 years. Nintendo went from 1984-1991! PS2, Cube, XBOX all lasted longer than that. The only thing that came in for 4 years was the 64. Despite this, I feel you on the PS3. Too late, too much, too crappy.

– Mark

Kevin: It’s more of an average than an exact number 😉

I dont think ps3 is going to to that badly..its going to do better than the WII

– Father Time

Kevin: I doubt itthe Wii will do quite good I think. The PS3 isn’t going to be worth the money (especially with the games that are gonna be released for it initially) with that kind of price tag.

Uwe Boll is a GOD!!

– Papa Shongo

what are you supposed to do with a wii when your tired of flapping your arms around though

– Eric

Wiii isnt going to do well because it wont have any of the great games ps3 will, it will only have kiddy mario games

– Father Time

Steve: Have you seen that new FPS for the Wii? You use the remote control to slash with your sword and aim your gun? That ain’t no kiddy game – looks badass.

Paul’s review of Kingdom Hearts II

Holy crap kh2 wasnt’ that bad

– Father Time

Paul: Totally is.

Travis’ review of New Super Mario Bros.

I think i need this game

– Father Time

Yeah, water stages are fucking lame. I think a recent WTC I wrote dished out some hate on those.

– Mark

testgame.exe: Making the Adventure

MIDI software can be fairly easy to come buy, ranging from free if you have time to stab it and make it work to around $20 for something simple. Most MIDI software will work if you have a keyboard attached to the MIDI port of your computer, and they work fairly well in my experience. The only problem with mine is that I’m crap at playing the keyboard ^.^

– Kevin Leacock

What the Crap?s

Diddy kongracing could have been good if it didnt have such bad characters

– Father Time

Eric: Or, if controls that were not crappy.

The Vana’diel Diaries

what in the hell is this? this is the most frightening thing i have ever seen. please stop.

– Scared Stacy



– Jenny

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