GC Family Game Night

Members of the GameCola family gather round the ol' Skype box for a night of fun (and not-so-fun) gaming.

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gc-family-game-nightWhat happens when Paul Franzen, Michael Gray, and Nikola Suprak get together to play the cult-favorite DS visual novel, 999? Nobody knows, because Nikola’s secret identity as “Still Alive” composer Jonathan Coulton (seriously, listen to their two voices some time) prevents him from ever showing up to any of the recordings.

What happens, then, when Michael and Paul decide to go on a recording rampage anyway, and recruit a few other GC staffers along the way? You get the first-ever GameCola Family Game Night, wherein TV’s Christian Porter and international sex symbol Alex Jedraszczak join Michael and Paul for a madcap romp through three—to put it generously—videogames.

First up, we had the Game Boy Color exclusive point-and-click adventure game Fish Files, which really put the “racist” in “I can’t believe how racist this game is”:

Next up: BurgerTime, because we wanted to play literally anything that wasn’t Fish Files:

And finally, we rounded out our evening with a trip through that NES hit/Draw Something rip-off Anticipation:

Check out the videos, and if you like them, let us know! They’re a little more chaotic than our normal fare—if such a thing were even possible—but if you can’t laugh with us, then at least laugh at us. (…Which shouldn’t be too hard to do. We play Fish Files as though none of us even knows what a videogame is.)

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  1. quite excellent. the only thing that could have made fish files better is if at the end after saying that “50% of the game” line, the player charecter turned towards the screen and said ” well player, now that i have this tool, what should i do with it”? still not the worst fourth wall joke ever though, that honor would have to go the inspector gadget movie( if you don’t know what im talking about, check this out).

  2. I did everyone a favor by forgetting the recording! These are of far higher quality than the last 999 video we did when we were too bored to even watch what was happening. Also, I would like to point out that I am the only one with a perfect attendance on the 999 videos so far PAUL.

  3. I’m pretty sure the two people in the sewer in the Fish Files was an X-Files reference. Also, did anyone else notice that the guy with the Hitler mustache was talking about how his fish is purebred?

    1. I cut out the part of the video where Paul raises the “hey, isn’t that an X-Files reference?” point, awkwardly bringing the video to a halt as Christian and Jeddy explain that they were making a joke.

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