GC Podcast #52: It’s a Turtle!

Turtlecalls turtle Brian Spaeth joins the GameCola crew to talk about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Applebees and occasionally videogames!

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Remember that other podcast where, after the delightful exit song composed by GameCola’s own Meteo Xavier, GameCola staff member Michael Ridgaway received a telephone call from a turtle?

What’s that? You didn’t stay to hear the hilarious additional content at the end of the podcast? You didn’t realize that every podcast since I took over has had something after the song? You’ve been missing out this whole time! Now you’ll just have to go back and listen to every single podcast over again.

…But, as I was saying, Michael Ridgaway received a call from a turtle who was very excited about his upcoming spot on The GameCola Podcast! On this very episode, we have special guest star Brian Spaeth, who is here to tell us about the new Turtlecalls, introduce his best-selling book series Super Airplane, and help us actually talk about videogames for once. This podcast also features regular staff members Alex Jedraszczak, Paul Franzen, Christian Porter, and Matt Jonas. Topics discussed include:

  • Are GameCola staff members required to have beards?
  • Jeddy owns a current-gen system? What is the world coming to?! Does it count if he doesn’t own any games for it?
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World is totally better than Super Mario Bros.
  • Paul’s awful taste in movies
  • GameCola gets a free Turtlecall!
  • Zack Huffman, who used to write a column about getting out of your house, apparently now sits at home and stares at flat surfaces
  • The fans demand a GameCola D&D podcast

And, so much more! You can only find out how much more if you hit the play button! So, give it a listen… And, be sure to wait until the very end!

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Alex "Jeddy" Jedraszczak is presiding Editor-in-Chief at GameCola, not only editing content but often writing it as well. On top of all this GameCola work, he also develops indie games.


  1. Whenever I write, my mind decides to be difficult. “I wanna listen to music!” “I don’t wanna.” 😛 It gets annoying. Loved the podcast! 😀 Also, I wanted to let you all know that I listen to the end of your podcasts!

    1. Gah! One more thing! 😛 Matt: I can relate to what you’re talking about with Sppony’s D&D videos. They’re interesting, but not very informative.

    2. The funny thing is, whenever I write I always listen to the Gamecola podcast. I was actually listening to this and writing fanfiction when Paul started talking about how he can’t write with background noise. For some reason I can’t focus on writing if I’m listening to music,though. Oh well, I guess I’m just weird :3

  2. I listen to the stuff at the end of podcasts! My iPad died when I was listening to that one, so I didn’t get to hear the end!

  3. I heard the turtle call at the end of the last podcast, but I thought it was a one time thing. Oh well, I’ll catch ’em again when they come out on video sometime in the future.

  4. I love the snippets at the end of the podcasts. I had meant to comment on the last podcast–not sure why I never got around to it–that, having never heard of Turtlecalls, assumed that we had finally gotten Meteo Xavier on a podcast, pretending to be a turtle to protect his assumed identity.

  5. Ok. Indiana Jones 4 and Spider-Man 3 aren’t THAT bad! They were just disapointments compared to the originals. With Spider-Man I can see where you’re coming from. But those were just 2 scenes that I easily ignored. And it’s not like the other movies didn’t have there own silly/stupid moments. *cough, William Defoe, cough* They are not ment to be taken seriously, they’re just comic book movies. With Indiana Jones, calm the heck down! Of course you can’t survive a nuclear explosion, but you also can’t survive being on a tank that’s falling off a cliff, skydiving in the hymalayas with a raft with 3 other people on it, it’s just a freaking movie! And who says that aliens can’t be in it. The movies are all about finding a higher power. I mean Indy found the Holy Grail already, what else was there for him to do. in conclusion Indy 4 was a little weird but it was a good time (no alcohol required) and it was good to see one on the big screen again.

        1. I’m SENSEing a little hostility, but now, be SENSEible. I’d think it’d be nonSENSE to think that this isn’t remotely humorous or entertaining. But, I don’t want to cause SENSEless trouble, if you SENSErly wish me to stop I will.

  6. @Paul Makes about as much sense as this comment thread.

    Which is a lot

    of Sense.

    Anysense, I think we shall stop it here before we (I) fill up another thread here. Plus, I think we used up all the Sense jokes.

    Oh wait. “In-SENSE-r” Okay now we’re done.

  7. Wow, reading this thread made my day. Thanks guys! I would add a sense joke, but I think you got them all.

      1. Fine, SENSE we all seem bent on continuing this, let me share with you the findings from a particular SENSE-us that my SENSE-e conducted and then shared with me:

        Many people believe that in-SENSE can bring out a person’s 6th SENSE

  8. does this make anyone else think of “The Master of Disguise”?

    Am i not turtley enough for you? turrrrrrrrrrrrtle.

  9. Sense I was on my archive-dive(I know this isn’t as ancient as things like the site transition but I hadn’t gotten around to listening to this podcast yet), I found this. I haven’t yet gotten a chance to listen to the podcast itself, but that comment thread by itself made me crack up.

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