Off-Topic Podcast #3: The Thirties

The GameCola Off-Topic Podcast is back!

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animorphs-headerRemember the Off-Topic Podcast? Remember back when the podcast actually had topics? Well, just because we stopped doing single-topic podcasts doesn’t mean we don’t still end up talking about Nickelodeon and Animorphs instead of videogames. No, no—I’m telling you, we talk about Nickelodeon and Animorphs even more than you already hear on the podcast.

When trying to edit the original two-hour recordings down into hour-long podcasts, entertaining topics often have to be cut. Instead of just deleting this content, it is carefully categorized and archived in the basement vault here at GameCola HQ, where it is promptly forgotten about.


The GameCola Off-Topic Podcast is back! Starting all the way back at Podcast #30: Age in Videogames, Off-Topic Podcast #3 attempts to catch back up on the enormous backlog of off-topic content. It fails horribly at this task, seeing as there’s still at least two more hours worth of off-topic content randomly strewn about on the GameCola HQ basement floor. Even so, take a look at all these topics we cover!

  • Sprite Monkey—Remember him?!
  • Technical details about GameCola’s big new update! No, no, not that update, the other one!
  • SnooPING AS usual, I see!
  • How we fill two hours’ worth of podcasting
  • The Red Cross demands bloodshed
  • A conversation from two years ago that mirrors one I recently had with Paul Franzen almost exactly
  • Jeddy reveals that he totally edited Podcast 33 to be nothing like the original recording
  • No, really, Colin and Michael Gray weren’t in that one at all
  • The Teacast
  • A meat fountain in which you dip bacon into beef

And, so much more! So very, very much more… We have trouble staying on topic, here at GameCola. But, that just means you get more podcast! For free! So, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole hour you could be wasting!

The podcast’s new opening theme was composed by the one and only Meteo Xavier, who has so much more on his new album! Be sure to check it out!

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Alex "Jeddy" Jedraszczak is presiding Editor-in-Chief at GameCola, not only editing content but often writing it as well. On top of all this GameCola work, he also develops indie games.


  1. This was really cool to listen to, sorta see how/what Jeddy works with the podcast.

    Also, Jeddy you could probably take the raw sound from podcast 33 and the finalized one and use it for a resume if you ever wanted to edit pod casts professionally. It’s the Internet, I’m sure someone wants it. 😛

    But seriously, what you did was pretty impressive, and thanks again for letting these clips see the light of day, or rather, the canals of ears.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! To hear the rest of my handiwork, maybe I can make a Bizarro Podcast where I use all of the silence I cut out of every podcast. I already made that one out of the coughing and typing and stuff I cut out of podcasts. You guys want to listen to an hour of varying levels of gentle white noise, right?!

  2. I like the new podcast theme, but I really miss the old one. This isn’t just me being a curmudgeon who’s opposed to change, though; the old theme was very peppy, and just screamed, “YEEEAAAHHH!!! IT’S PODCAST TIME!!” The new one has more of a first-level space shooter or Mega Man X intro stage vibe to it; it’s a lot more backgroundy and feels incomplete (as a podcast intro/outro) until Jeddy starts talking over it. I still like it a lot, but it doesn’t feel like it fits as well in this context as the last one did.

    1. Are you talking about the theme for the normal podcast? The normal podcast still has the usual theme…! I wanted a different one to distinguish the Off-Topic Podcast, and the previous two used Phoenix Wright music. I wanted to stick with something by a GameCola staff member, and Meteo happened to come along with his new album when I was in the middle of editing. I thought it worked out pretty well…!

      If you have another song to suggest that’s by a GameCola staff member, I can see what I can do. I just prefer to stay away from licensed music as much as I can.

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