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Edit: And, that’s it! Thanks to everyone for applying; if you haven’t heard back from me by now, you should’ve, so let me know. If you haven’t applied yet and still want to, you can still send me a writing sample, but I won’t be able to do much with it until we’re done feeding on the weakest we have some new spots open.

Happy New Year, everyone! And what better way to start the new year than with a brand-new set of fresh-faced writers, from whom we can squeeze every ounce of creativity until they’re nothing more than quivering husks, too dry of tears to do anything but moan quietly from under their desks, “please… please, no more…”?

Hello, I’m Paul Franzen, and I’m a beard with a man attached to it. Would you like to come write for my website, Here’s what we’re looking for:

1. People who can write good.
2. People who can write funny.
3. People who don’t want to write about Call of Duty, or Final Fantasy, or [insert AAA franchise here].

GameCola is a website about “gaming outside the mainstream,” which we define generally as games that don’t get a lot of attention elsewhere. This can mean anything from retro games to indie games, to imported games to TI-86 calculator games, to games your grandmother programmed just for you on your Apple IIc personal computer. We don’t make enough money to pay (our scant advertising revenue goes into paying server costs, and then buying ads ourselves when we can), but it’s good experience and a great community.

gamecola-welcomeFor example.

Interested in assimilating into Our Lord Cola? E-mail me some writing samples, and if you’re met with approval from the GameCola Board of Directors (…or should that be Beard of Directors?), you’re in! We’re not terribly interested in your experience or age; as long as you’re at least, say, 16 (the age I was when I started GameCola), you’re eligible. Our writers are expected to submit one post per month (be it a review; a regular, themed column; a webcomic; or whatever), and if you want there’s plenty of room for collaboration with other GameColers, like with our podcast, our Q&A column Q&AMECola, our Let’s Play (and frequently Let’s Watch) videos, and more.

Remember, the e-mail address is this e-mail address. I hope to hear from YOU!


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  1. Does it count if I just write you guys fanfiction every month?
    But seriously, I’d totally apply. Let’s go see if I have any “outside the mainstream” games…

  2. i would love to write for you guys, but there’s one little problem.

    i am a really bad writer when it comes to non fiction ( and the fact that non of my fiction is published should tell you the quality at that end of the spectrum )

    and even if i could write, the only obscure gaming franchise im familliar with is AGON.

    shame i couldn’t just join you guys for the podcast, because i can both listen very well and talk up a storm when needed.

    but i wish the best of luck to those who do get the jobs.

    P.S. Paul, i do want to know if you or any of the staff ( you too, Gamecola faithful) are familliar with AGON? if you are not, i would be happy to recommend it to you all as it is an excellent MYST style point and click adventure game.

  3. As a teenager in a high school where TI-86 are required, I know a lot more about those games than I’m comfortable with :P.

    Also… we’ll see…

  4. What’s depressing is that I don’t have the means to write anything for gamecola…. 🙁 I have a wii and a few games on the computer and that’s it.

    1. But, can you elaborate on writing samples, because I have a ton of stuff that can be considered as “writing samples.”

  5. By writing samples, do you mean an article/review, or a few paragraphs that show that I do, indeed, know how to write? Also, I have a beard.

    1. The former is preferable, although I’m sorry to say at this point we’re all full up! That’s what I get for not updating the post in a timely manner…

      If you want you can still send me a sample to keep on file, but at the moment I don’t think we have any spots open.

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