DuckTales HD Remake!!!

There's a new DuckTales game, coming this summer!

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duck-tales-hdWell, spit on my spats and curse me kilts! After years of begging, we are finally going to see a new DuckTales videogame! Uncle Scrooge rides again!

Yes! Duck Tales 3 has been on my wish list since the 1990s, and now it’s a reality! I can’t wait to see what brand-new adventures Uncle Scrooge has…

…Wait a second.



Blathering blatherskite! This isn’t a new game! It’s just an HD remake of the first NES game. Oh, well, that’s still cool, right? I’m not going to turn that down! Let’s hope it sells well, and they do a remake of the second game, too!

Actually, you know what? I think the next step is an HD remake of the first DuckTales Game Boy game. It’s so similar to the NES version that programming it should be a cinch. Get on it, Capcom! Easy money! Easssy money! I’m not just making things up because I want more DuckTales gameplay!

I also want more DuckTales footage. What’s up with the DuckTales DVD releases? They only released three volumes of the four-volume series! I’ve been waiting for Volume 4 since 2007! Get on it, Disney! Easy money! Easssy money!

The one thing I don’t want? A crossover between DuckTales and Duck Hunt. Those are two NES games that should remain separate.

Anyway, that’s the news. DuckTales HD is coming your way, and it is going to be awesome! I hope you’re ready! This game—not Final Fantasy VII—is the HD remake you’ve been dreaming about! And if you get stuck on the game, make sure to consult my walkthrough for it!

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  1. “Everyday they’re out there making duck tables”. So deep.

    Anyways, I played this game a bit back in the day. My friends would go on and on about how cool it was to pogo-jump with scrooge’s cane. I didn’t own it myself, and only played it a little. Playing it on an emulator just… I don’t know, I felt I was cheating myself out of the original experience.

    It was definitely an enjoyable game, but I’m not sure how much it pushed the genre forward. Was there anything particularly unique about it, or new for its time? The levels were colorful and varied, which, compared to a lot of crappy platformers out there (I’m looking at you, Predator), it’s definitely a step up in that department.

      1. Yeah, the game is good, but it didn’t sell well. The GameBoy version of DuckTales 2 sold over a million copies, though.

  2. Poor Capcom. They’re here at PAX practically begging people to play their new game, Remember Me, but the line is at capacity for DuckTales.

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