GC Podcast #50 on YouTube: Wait, GameCola Faithful, Let’s Get Matt Jonas Halfway Upset Over This Poor British Ocarina Invasion

I think the title says it all.

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inverted podtacularThose of you who were following GameCola in 2012 or who’ve poked around our archives might recall our 10th Anniversary Podtacular, a 10-hour podcast to celebrate GameCola’s 10th birthday with staff writers past, present, and future somehow. Appropriately, the festivities were filled with videogames, singing, Nickelodeon, people coming and going, people whining and complaining, and unicorns, just like my own 10th birthday party.

Whether you prefer listening to our podcasts on YouTube instead of on iTunes or here on this very website, or whether you’re a refined member of high society who appreciates having everything organized into a single playlist, you’re in luck! Not only is this 10-hour podcast in a playlist on YouTube alongside several other podcasts, but I’ve also embedded every piece of the podcast below for maximum convenience to increase the loading time of this article. All your bandwith are belong to us.

Alex “Jeddy” Jedraszczak, Paul Franzen, Matt Gardner, Eric Regan, and Christian Porter kick off the first hour with some line of conversation that prompted us to use footage of The Legend of Zelda in the background.

The event continues as Brian Vanek and Shawn Sackenheim replace everyone who’s not Jeddy and Christian, leading to discussions that give us every excuse to show footage of My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow.

During the third hour, Jeddy, our fearless Podcast Commander, takes a breather to let Michael Gray and rizziman33 (that’s the name on his birth certificate) do most of the talking. For once, the video in the background of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remains relevant the whole time.

Jeddy gets back in the ‘cast alongside Kay Leacock, Zack Huffman, and Jillian Dingwall. Not sure why we’re watching Metal Gear for this one. Maybe everyone feels asleep.

Paul rejoins Jeddy at the halfway point, and both Daniel Castro and yours truly throw up to show the verbosity into overdrive. I mean…uh…sorry, reverse “throw” and “show” for me, would you? Anygrody, we make it as far as the Rocket Bar in Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter before the invasion begins…

Michael returns to the fray with Colin Greenhalgh to help Jeddy fend off the contagious accents of Stuart Gipp and Matt Jonas. Footage of Hector: Badge of Carnage plays to inspire our troops to forget that several other people who were just on the podcast also have accents we could’ve poked fun at.

At this point it’s past bedtime for anyone with a British accent, so the old guard (Jeddy, Paul, Michael) joins up with the new guard (Mike Ridgaway and Elizabeth “Lizo” Medina-Gray) to get each other feeling simultaneously nostalgic and upset. Battletoads seems like a perfect fit here.

In classic GameCola fashion, we soon absorb our entire audience into the GC collective so that the only people listening are the people participating. Jeddy and Christian bring back Rizziman and recruit his fellow listeners Diana, Julianne, Anna, Sarah, Saxdude, and Joe, half of whom also went on to become full-fledged staff writers after, like, a week. In classic GameCola fashion, we find a way to incorporate Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

The penultimate portion of the podcast includes Jeddy, Christian, Matt, and Rick L, who donated the other letters of his last name to charity. The amount of singing in this hour probably explains why we’re showing gameplay of High School Musical: Livin’ the Dream, though “because we like High School Musical” is also a passable excuse.

Having exhausted our roster of new people to rope into podcasting, Jeddy, Paul, Jillian, Matt, and Mike combine forces to close out our tenth and final hour. The video in the background is of Dog’s Life because why not.

There you have it! All 7 hours and 23 minutes of our 10-hour podcast! Um…someone check my math; that can’t be right…

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