GC Podcast #107: Off-Off Topic

We're off topic... on purpose this time!

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On this Fooling April edition of the GameCola Podcast, we talk about things that are only off topic!

…on purpose this time, we swear

Join James “Neutral Boring” Pelster, Stefano “Chaotic Old” Wohsdioghasdhisdg, Anna “Chaotic Sorry” Bryniarski, Joseph “Lawful Crazy” Martin, Brandon “Chaotic Videogames” Tan, Diana “Lawful Absent” Gray, Colee “True Newcomer” Koballa, and Smimming “Chaotic Watermelon Hating” Rox in a podcast of truly epic (and random) proportions with such off-the-wall topics as…

  • We don’t watch Nicktoons
  • Stefano is old
  • What are our favorite foods?
  • Various shapes of watermelons
  • GameCola’s wonderful beards
  • Who on the GC staff would win in a Battle Royale?
  • What are our D&D alignments?
  • We crash Diana’s psychology review
  • Watermelon Wrestling
  • Dangerous lab stories
  • Diana’s great cheese caper

And a lot more! Really, things are really scattered here but it’s a lot of fun. And if you like what you hear, be sure to check us out on other GameCola stuff like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and iTunes pages, and send us emails like the ones you heard here  to podcast[at]GameCola[dot]net!

[Podcast Intro/Outro Five is Average by Meteo Xavier]

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Joseph Martin is the Podcast Commander of the monthly GameCola Podcast, and appears in many of the other podcasts of the site. He's also known to write a review or two, or news pieces about the latest Mega Man knock-off.


  1. I’m finally catching up on the podcast now that I’m back from Japan, and I wanted to join in on the coffee conversation.

    First, let me say that hot cocoa was the only hot drink for me up until I was maybe 23. I might really enjoy the smell of a coffee, but like Joe said…it would still just taste like dirt. Tea was a pretty similar situation. It wasn’t until I bought myself a box of tea and said “That first bag was bad but I spent $2 on this so I’m using the remaining 19” that I found I could drink tea if it was at least 30% milk and sugar by volume. From then, I started drinking tea regularly.

    I tried the same trick with coffee and…still hated it. Up until I was like 28, at which point it transitioned to “something I’d drink if I didn’t have to pay for it”. It’s only been in the past year that I’ve come to drink coffee regularly, but I think of it more as a dessert drink…something sweet I have with pancakes or cookies or ice cream, or after a meal as a dessert on its own. But I guess that makes sense when it’s basically coffee-flavored sugar milk at that point.

    You can listen to the last half hour or so of the last official Off-Topic Podcast to hear more about my feelings about tea (and soda). You’ll note the absence of coffee from the conversation as I still hated it back in 2012.

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