• Q&AmeCola: Favourite Game-within-a-Game

    Almost every genre of videogaming offers their own spin on the game-within-a-game concept. This month, the GameCola crew share their favourite examples, from "Pazaak," to "Triple Triad," to "Things from Space."

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    In my very second "Flash Flood" column I introduced five of the most addicting Flash games I could find. In retrospect, I really only needed to introduce one game if they were as addicting as I said t

  • Gamer Girlfriend: The One Game I Will Never Play

    OK, so for anyone who knows me, it’s probably pretty apparent that the title of this article is something of a misnomer. The truth is, there are many games that I will never play, including first-person shooters, survival horror games, and anything that involves lots of timed minigames (I really hate that obnoxious little counter, always ticking down, mocking me as I try to perform its twisted little tasks).

  • Flash Flood: Addicting Flash Games

    The average person on the street probably isn't too familiar with Flash games...but maybe they should be.