• One Is The Loneliest Number

    All the details you need to know about Microsoft's new TV and sports system!

  • Alan Wake-themed Xbox Live Arcade Game in the Works

    Alan Wake: Night Springs will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade as a downloadable title. Previously speculation and rumor, it has now indeed been confirmed by a tweet from Major Nelson. Larry confirmed th

  • Be Careful What You Search For #55

    Another set of real search phrases for your viewing pleasure.

  • [NSFW] Alan Wake (X360)

    I want you to play this game so badly, all the way from beginning to end. I want to sit next to you while you do it and talk about the experience the whole time. I want to post on every message board

  • The 2010 GameCola Videogame Awards

    GameCola's favorite games from 2010! Please don't make fun of us.

  • Versus Mode: Bad Games, Good Games, Single-Player Games, and More

    Grey Dog Software's Adam Ryland and Liquid WoW's Steve Hamner discuss whether single-player games are on the outs, whether companies should bother to release bad games, the Game of the Year for 2010, and more.

  • The L/ate List Apocalyptic [NSFW]

    I’ve been gone a long time. At least, it feels like a long time. I’ve missed you guys, and I’ve missed writing for this site. GameCola has always been really good to me, even if I haven’t always been really good to it. Missed deadlines, late articles, angry editors…all in a day’s work for the world’s most insensitive writer. But wait, come back! I’ve changed, I swear! Bear with me and I’ll make it worth your while. Let’s just go over a few quick things so you can get to know me better, then we’ll be all done with the hand shaking, bullshitting nonsense and we can move along to talking about the one thing you and I definitely have in common, or else you wouldn’t be here;

  • Carbonated News: E3 2009 Review

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where I get you up-to-date on all the latest gaming news while making a bunch of snarky comments about everything. This month, I'm giving you a recap of all th

  • New Monkey Island! And Other Trailers from E3

    This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list of everything that was announced/shown at E3 today—just the things that interest me. In no particular order: 1. Tales of Monkey Island So Basically: It’s a brand-new five-part episodic Monkey Island game for the Wii and the PC, and it’d being developed by Telltale Games (who made the new … Continue reading "New Monkey Island! And Other Trailers from E3"