• Poor Player’s Paradise: Because We May

    A look at deals on Kickstarter, Indie Games, and a free tabletop game knock-off.

  • Versus Mode: Negativity, Videogames as Art, Guitar Hero’s Death, and More

    GC writers Mark Freedman and Stuart Gipp discuss negativity in gaming, videogames as art, the death of Guitar Hero, and more.

  • Gish (PC)

    Bloody physics. They're everywhere. I eat a sandwich? Physics. I go for a crap? Physics. I construct a complex system of weights and pulleys? Physics! And now, as if we don't all have to put up with

  • Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition (X360-XBLA)

    I am always excited and thrilled when a game comes around that promises a truly unique experience. A graphical style that paints a wonderful world; a narrative with exciting twists and turns; a gamep

  • Carbonated News: July 2009

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where we get you up-to-date on all the latest outdated gaming news. Our last two columns were about videogame conferences, but that's not the case this month

  • XBL Community Games: A Fading Melody

    Some people describe A Fading Melody as a Braid rip-off. I think those people are wrong. I like to think of it as "Braid inspired." After all, we can't just call all artsy 2D platformers Braid rip-off

  • Mid-Boss: The Cost of XBLA Games

    The contents of Mid-Boss’ base of operations are largely classified—however, Mid-Boss is begrudgingly allowing you to learn that he owns a computer with an excellent Internet connection. Accordingly, Mid-Boss spends a lot of time investigating the various gaming forums—and he is frequently bemused by what he finds.

  • The 2008 GameCola Videogame Awards

    Read on to find out what the top videogames of 2008 are, as decided by GameCola's staff and readers.

  • Braid (X360-XBLA)

    You know what’s awesome about art? Damn near nothin’. It’s boring and uninteresting, you see. The only thing you can really do is unzip your pants and urinate all over it. I did that once at the local museum, and they threw me out because they said you’re not supposed to do that. What uncultured bastards. … Continue reading "Braid (X360-XBLA)"

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    The True Purpose of Braid

    Is this guy a rapper? I think I read that he's a rapper.