• Sonic 3D Blast (SG)

    Considered a spin-off to this well-known series, Sonic 3D Flickies' Island (as it's known in PAL territories) is not actually a three-dimensional game. Not in the way it's played, nor in its content;

  • Comix Zone (XBLA)

    We recently took a look at Comic Jumper, a game that has you jumping across comic book frames and defeating enemies. Comic Jumper and the recently released Unbound Saga owe a wealth of their ideas to

  • Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (X360)

    I'm feeling better than ever! At the time of writing, I am back at University. Got an exam this afternoon, but who cares? It's a beautiful (but cold) summer's day. (In England, you're just happy when

  • Comix Zone (SG)

    I was warned about saying too many negative things in this review. Specifically, GameCola's own Allec Johnson (i.e., the guy who reviewed Bomberman right above this) explicitly stated that he would do