• Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    I'm always looking for ways to pad out my column without having to play any more of these god-awful indie games, so I say it's time for a...

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    Early last week, GameCola reported on some new changes that Microsoft made to the Xbox 360 dashboard, in an effort to accommodate Kinect users, and slowly shift the balance of power over from actual gamers to casual gamers. THE END IS OF GAMING NIGH! In addition to enabling support for the Kinect, the new dashboard update made everything brighter, friendlier, and cleaner; allowed for easier access to ESPN (which I'm pretty sure you don't need an Xbox to watch); and, most importantly, it moved where you can find Xbox Live Indie Games on the 360.

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    GameCola's Eric Regan discusses Wii Fit telling people they're fat, whether a bad name can break a game, Achievements, and more.

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    Comics inspired by actual search terms people have Googled to discover GameCola.

  • Versus Mode: Fable vs. The Sims 2

    The stereotypical gamer is an overweight, slovenly fellow who'd rather be munching on a cheeseburger than something else entirely inappropriate for a family-oriented webazine. Whether this is anything

  • Ice Hockey (NES)

    In a world of ultimately customizable hockey games, it's refreshing to have a game like Ice Hockey.