• Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (VC)

    When your game has the word "Amazing"' in the title, it had better damn well be.

  • Kirby’s Return to Dreamland (Wii)

    Why bother playing old games, when you can play a new game that is just like an old one? Where Tradition Meets Today We're finally getting that Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards follow-up that we've always

  • GBA Freebies Revealed for 3DS Ambassadors

    With no redeeming qualities whatsoever, the Nintendo 3DS remains a regretted purchase for many. For those of us with more money than sense, and a death-wish, our apology letter from Nintendo comes wit

  • Carbonated News (January 2004)

    - Well it sure took them long enough.  Sega is in the process of suing Electronic Arts over EA's 2001 Simpson's Road Rage.  Sega is claiming that Road Rage was designed to "deliberately copy and imi