• Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 (Wii)

    Some like it hot; others like it hottest. I like it when dancing games improve instead of being shoveled out to meet demands. I'm always skeptical when waiting for the latest DDR game, but also ready

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    Band Hero (X360)

    Just to explain, Band Hero is Guitar Hero for kids; everything offensive has been removed in what I like to call the "Don't Offend The Serious Christians" edition of Guitar Hero. In case you aren't aw

  • Guitar Hero 5 (X360)

    I'm reviewing Guitar Hero 5, aren't I? Just...give me a moment. As I sit here at my virus-ridden and slowly dying PC, I ask myself a question: Have I wasted my life? Of course I have. Everyone else ha

  • Snowboard Kids 2 (N64)

    I've become a different person in the span of two years. Where I was once a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed high school youngling, I've now matured into a smart, wise, and generally handsome college student