• Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Diary of a Deadline

    Walk outside on the first few days of the year in Japan and the design of the Silent Hill will suddenly seem much less creative to you. My naivety regarding just how closed down and deserted my city would be on the 2nd and 3rd caused my original plan for this article to go awry, and now I sit here at 4 a.m. with a scant few hours to come up with an idea. And yet I don't.

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Delivery Health

    You may not care too much for unsolicited stuffing of your mail box with ads, and it might be illegal in your country. But what’s your ratio of credit card applications to stuff like this?

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Japanese Graffiti

    Scientists estimate that a picture is worth roughly one thousand words. Based on this theory, this will be my most word-valuable article yet, despite containing the fewest words. Yep. JAPANESE GRAFFIT

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: A Konami Life on a Capcom Salary

    You may have heard that things other than electronics are expensive in Japan. And if you just walk up to the most obvious shops and try to buy things that you normally associate with cheapness back home, you may well get this impression. Indeed, a loaf of bread, 10 slices of bologna and some mustard will fight your homesickness for the old trailer park for a while, but it won’t be easy on your wallet.

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Water on the Sidewalk

    Today was a sunny day. For the first time in a while, there was no rain or puddles. This is good, because I don't like to walk through water. But whenever life leaves you alone, you can count on Japan

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Mister Donut

    Now I'm not exactly a donut connoisseur, but I've eaten my share of fried sugary bread, and let me tell you: Japan's Mister Donut is good. How good? Well, it's sure better than the airplane food on the way over, lemme tell ya! I mean that stuff is one notch above Styrofoam on the taste-o-meter, am I right, folks? But seriously, if I could be serious for just a minute... You know, there are a lot of children out there who need our help. Did you realize that a child is physically abused somewhere in the world every time my girlfriend's daughter doesn't get my beer the first time I tell her to?

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Peace and Quiet

    You know that staple episode of every crappy sitcom ever, where a second-tier character gets a great deal on an apartment, and then the main character(s) go to visit him and find out that the reason f

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: My Day-to-Day Life

    I present to you the dullest topic possible: my daily life!

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Tolerable Japan

    The other day, as someone on the subway was jamming an elbow into my windpipe, cutting off what little life-giving oxygen I was able to suck through the plastic bag covering my face, and I was trying

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan

    Many of you may have made the gamer's pilgrimage to Akihabara or Denden-town to see the birth land of games as we know them. But how many of you would be willing to give it all up—Hamburger Helper,