• Don’t Be That Guy: The Noob-hater

    While there are a lot of things to complain about in online gaming, like unreliable servers and online passes, right there on the top of everyone's list are noobs.

  • Don’t Be That Guy: Noob vs. Pro

    In our ongoing search for cheapness in multiplayer games, we’ll try to draw the line between noobs and pro gamers, and realize how different they really are.

  • River City Pixels: Learn Your Stuff

    Is it true that the Xbox can play games vertically?

  • Versus Mode: Piracy, the Word “n00b”, and More

    Adam Ryland from Grey Dog Software and GameCola's Colin Greenhalgh discuss current events in gaming. Topics include videogame piracy, whether "n00b" belongs in the dictionary, and more.

  • Dear Readers: Another n00b Bites the Dust

    Do do do. Another n00b bites the dust. Though, unlike so many of our n00bs of yore, who couldn't handle the intensitude of writing one entire videogame review every single month, Shawn Sackenheim did not leave because he was lazy. Shawn Sackenheim, in all seriousness, left because of medical injury.

  • … of the Month: n00b

    Firstly, I should say that I am enrolled in the school of thought where I am right and you are wrong if you don't happen to agree with me. With that out of the way, I'll give you all the real definition of the term n00b. While the origin of this word is easy enough to figure out, coming from the word newbie, meaning someone who is new to something, in this case videogames, more specifically MMORPGs, where I mainly see it used,,,,,,,,,,;;; the meaning has changed. Now, it can be used to refer to anyone who does stupid and/or annoying things that suggest that they don't know a damned thing about the game they are playing. It doesn't matter how long a person plays a game, if they still do stupid, annoying things that show their complete lack of understanding of some aspect of a game, they are a n00b. This allows for people with a good head on their shoulders and a decent experience level with MMORPGs to jump into one, play for a few hours, and not be considered a n00b.