• GC Podcast #150: The London Arc Begins

    New places and new people...

  • GC Podcast #115: Switchmas Comes Early

    It's one year later and time to talk about the Nintendo Switch and a Very Good Videogame.

  • Ridge Racer 3D (3DS)

    Those with more money than sense are the proud owners (and subsequently 'dis-owners') of the Nintendo 3DS. I do not enjoy taking a stroll into town and getting a StreetPass hit from some delinquent wh

  • … of the Month: Sony PSP

    The Sexiest Thing I Have Ever Seen in My Life of the MonthSony PSPI recently got a paycheck. Twelve minutes later I ordered the Sony PSP Dynasty Warriors Premium Pak whatever thing from gamestop.com.

  • Mid-Boss: The Nintendo DS

    Haha! You miserable fools thought you had defeated Mid-Boss! But it looks like I got my second wind, and now your time is up! This month, Mid-Boss would like to assault your pathetic craft with his br