• E3 Day Three: Sony’s Big Press Conference

    Welcome back to GameCola's continuing coverage of the E3.  Microsoft and Nintendo both had their turns, and now, let's see what Sony has to say in their big press conference. As expected, Sony had a

  • Ys: The Oath in Felghana (PC)

    For the handful of weirdos who owned the TG-16, the name Ys (pronounced "incorrectly") will likely evoke fond memories of the adventures of professional prophecy fulfiller Adol Christin. Alas, the

  • Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

    The time the entire WORLD has been waiting for is finally upon us.  No, not "world peace," or any of that other selfish stuff! It is the RETURN of the GREATEST videogame column of 12 generations! Tho

  • What the Crap?: Go-Karting

    We need a realistic go-karting game.  Sure, Mario Kart kicks ass, but it ain't true to life.  I went to do some go-karting last weekend, and the times...they were good!  But I assure you, I can't g

  • Versus Mode: E3, Denzel as Master Chief, Halo 4, and More

    GC's Casey Levine and Eric Regan discuss whether E3 is ruined, whether Denzel Washington would make a good Master Chief, whether there should be a Halo 4, and more.

  • … of the Month: People Porting Games Instead of Making New Ones

    It seems someone got the hint, whether it be from tons of people using their PSPs to play old games on emulators and refusing to upgrade their PSPs in order to continue doing so, people continuing to buy old games ported to PSP and other systems (such as Breath of Fire 3 for PSP, which I just purchased recently instead of buying a real new game), or just a lucky guess.

  • Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade (PSP)

    My point is this: This game has a lot of stuff I wish all action RPGs had.

  • … of the Month: Sony PSP

    The Sexiest Thing I Have Ever Seen in My Life of the MonthSony PSPI recently got a paycheck. Twelve minutes later I ordered the Sony PSP Dynasty Warriors Premium Pak whatever thing from gamestop.com.

  • Carbonated News (February 2004)

    - The "Walkman of the next century", aka the "PlayStation Portable", is reported to have a release date for November of this year.  According to the official PlayStation website, the PSP is confirmed